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Planning Commission gets new perspective with Newall



Heather Newall began watching every Lehi City Planning Commission meeting more than two years ago when Ivory Homes began the process of requesting zone changes and site plan approvals on what used to be the Dixon mink farm near her neighborhood. 

“It was a fun thing to get into, to get to know the code and what we could do to make this area the best neighborhood. In the end we’re really happy with what happened,” remembered Newall. “After that experience getting involved in the process, I’ve been intrigued with all that is going on in Lehi. I have a lot of respect for the members of the City Council and Planning Commission and all the hours they spend serving.”

Heather and her family, husband John and four sons, have been in Lehi for 20 years in three different neighborhoods. She is the CTO (chief technology officer) for a non-profit and has been working from home since the beginning of the pandemic. 

Newall has had a front row seat to all the changes Lehi has been experienced. Newall hasn’t always been on the same side as some of the members of the City Council, but she’s appreciated the respectful discourse. 

“They have to make the best decision they can with all the information they’ve been given, knowing that someone is going to be unhappy. It’s a tough job and I really respect and admire what they do,” said Newall. 

When Jared Petersen stepped down from the Planning Commission in April, Heather Newall quickly handed in her application. More than two years ago, Heather Seegmiller left the Commission and was replaced by Greg Jackson. Newall is now the only woman on Lehi’s Planning Commission. “We need more women involved in these decisions, absolutely,” Newall noted. “The commissioners each have unique backgrounds and we always have someone with some level of expertise that can speak to each item.”

Heather Newall got into the technology field as a web developer in 1999. “I feel like I can read and interpret the code in a way that others can understand. If we’re listening to each other and trying to understand each other, we’ll make better decisions. I love that the public can be there in person again,” said Newall.


“This landed in my lap sooner than I thought it would. Those positions don’t come up very often. I’m really happy to be on the Planning Commission. I want to make sure I know what’s going on, that I’m understanding the code and adding as much value as I can.,” Newall concluded.

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