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Walk with Angels event held at Wines Park



On Saturday, August 28, the 12th annual “Walk with Angels” fundraiser was held at Wines Park. Hundreds of supporters enjoyed the day with carnival games, raffles, bounce houses, mascots, superheroes, and princesses to support the United Angels Foundation (UAF) and its mission.

The Foundation is a nonprofit, parent-to-parent support group for families of children with special needs , or “Angels.” The goal of the organization is to provide interaction, education, and resources to parents of children with special needs. 

According to the organization’s website, “From newborn visitsto group activities for parents and children, we strive to be there every step of the way. Funds raised from our Walk with Angels events will specifically go towards financing our educational seminars and group activities. These funds are also used to administer our newborn and new member program.”

Members of the group laud the benefit of having a “family” where parents can talk to each other, creating a bond and mutual support. Other group members state, “We are always there for each other when help is needed.”

This year over $55,000 was raised by the different teams. Support was also supplied by local church groups and sponsors.

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