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5 Ways Everlasting Comfort Can Transform Your Office



Since the beginning of the pandemic, many more workers are working from home and therefore spending virtually all of their time in their home office. While this certainly means that you aren’t moving much beyond your home most days, it also means that much of your workday does not involve jumping in your car and enduring a long commute between home and your place of business. 

Most people now move directly from their bedrooms right to their computer – often with an outfit that is all business up top and relaxation on the bottom. With the help of zoom, comfort is the new business must-have.

When most people started working for their employers entirely from the comfort of their home offices, their office setup likely was not as ergonomically correct as it should have been. Most people had improper desks, chairs, and office accessories. T

They may have even had an inadequate computer or camera for all their zoom meetings. Moving forward, working in a comfortable and properly equipped home office is essential – especially if you plan to work from the office for a bit longer or even permanently. 

Here are our suggestions as to how to get that transformation going with the help of Everlasting Comfort.

Adjust the Room Temperature with a Humidifier 

As in the case of a work office, you have the appropriate room temperature important in terms of ensuring a maximum level of productivity. When you have the proper room temperature, you are better able to work; you won’t have to deal with any dry skin or even a cough or sniffles.

To make sure that you have an appropriate room temperature, consider adding a humidifier to your home office. Our recommendation is to add a cool-mist humidifier from Everlasting Comfort. Not only can it add moisture to the air in your home office, but you will be grateful for the added comfort. 


Keep Calm with an Essential Oil Diffuser  

Many of us also might know of people who have added essential oils and diffusers to their home office – and they have a good reason for doing this. 

Experts tell us that adding essential oils and dispersing them throughout your space as part of your daily routine – or what is also known as aromatherapy – can help you with a series of conditions – in addition to making for a much more sweet-smelling atmosphere.

 Essential oils are said to aid many conditions such as physical ailments and even issues of mental wellness. The benefit of doing this at home – as opposed to in a shared office space – is that you no longer have to deal with coworkers who might have sensitivities to certain scents. 

Being in your own workspace means that you can choose whatever smell best suits your fancy. So, try using items such as peppermint or sweet orange – both of which are great for boosting your energy and focus while working.

Relax Your Feet on a Footrest  

One of the benefits of working from a home office is that you can adjust your space and body in any way that makes the work process much more comfortable. If you are the type that likes your feet to be comfortable while working, we suggest adding a footrest under your desk to maximize foot comfort.

In addition to comfort, footrests are really great for people who are not that tall and find it difficult to reach the ground while in a seated position. 

If this is a challenge you face, you will know first-hand that dangling your legs – without your feet touching the floor – can actually lead to other issues such as cutting off blood circulation and leaving your toes feeling that uncomfortable pins and needles pain. To avoid this and other issues, try adding a footrest to your office space.

Cushion for Your Lower Back  

When working at a desk all day, you might also experience troubling back pain. This might be for a variety of reasons: poor back posture, a chair that is not ergonomically correct, slouching, or not taking frequent standing breaks. 


By adding a lumbar support pillow, you can easily address this problem and provide the arch of your back with the support it needs.

Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Wrist Support

Speaking of ergonomics, one of the key items to add to your home office is a mouse pad that offers an ergonomic design that is appropriate for left or right-handed people, promotes the proper position for your hands and wrists, and mimics the natural curves of your hands and wrists. 

Not only does this kind of mouse add support, but having a mouse pad that is ergonomic in its design is best to relieve any potential pain, strain, fatigue, and discomfort. We also suggest purchasing a mouse pad made of memory form (for added support and pain reduction), designed in a lightweight and portable option, with smooth, breathable fabric that includes a non-slip bottom.

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