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Greek-n-Go 2.0: A Delicious Dive



Logan Purser | Lehi Free Press

Greek-n-Go 2.0 is located just off state street in Lindon, Utah.  A family-owned business, it is an extension of the original Greek-n-Go restaurant in Provo, with a slightly simplified menu.

The first thing a customer will notice is its unusual setup in a gravel pawn-shop parking lot.  This is no ordinary restaurant.  Constructed out of a 70’s camper van, it’s akin to a stationary food truck.  The place is a total dive, covered with a plastic tarp held onto the roof by plastic clips, with odd bits of shingling here and there.

If you like old, park-style tables, this is the place for you.  A sign with the word “patio” boldly painted a brilliant blue humorously points the way to the back of the RV, where a sports fan canopy covers a worn park table with a built-in checkerboard, as well as two refrigerators that provide self-serve drinks. It’s run-down in the most awesome way possible.

The place seems to have a decent following.  No less than 7 people stopping by while I was waiting for my food, including a Grub Hub delivery vehicle.  This was reassuring, and absolutely blew away any stand-alone food truck I’ve seen.  Yet even with high demand, service is quick.

The menu is simple and straightforward, with gyros on the left and sides on the right.  The gyros can be made with a variety of fillings, although none stray too far from the lamb-and-beef original.  There are several sides to choose from, including fries, salads, and pita strips.  Sodas are also available.

Pricing is similarly straightforward, with gyros at $8, all sides $6, baklava $2.50, and sodas $1 apiece.  Pictures of the food are included on the menu, which is itself faded.  Descriptions of the food are not given, but the employee is eager to help explain anything.  An interesting discrepancy is that the prices on Greek-n-Go 2.0’s website are $2 less than on their physical menu.

I ordered an original Gyro with a side of pita strips, as well as an order of fries.  The meal doesn’t appear glamorous in its simple wax paper wrappings, but the packaging on the gyros is extremely smart, making it easy to eat without making a mess.


Guests can expect their gyros to be quite simply amazing even before they take a bite.  The air is full of the smell of foreign spices, which contrasts strongly with typical greasy food-truck fare.  The beef and the lamb are cooked to perfection, and the spices, onions, and yogurt sauce compliment it well.  The pita bread is soft and flavorful without being the least bit greasy, tasting like something a customer would get at a fancier Greek restaurant.  The gyros are not particularly large by American standards but are still very filling.

The pita strips are fried and bursting with spices, being crispy fried on the outside and soft and bready on the inside.  The overwhelming flavor quickly becomes too much, however, and I probably wouldn’t order them again.

The fries, on the other hand, are excellent, being unusually thick and square.  They have a pleasing firmness and are neither excessively oily nor salty.  Customers can expect them to be among the better one’s they’ve had.

Three sauces are provided: tzatziki (yogurt), chili-pepper, and fry. The tzatziki is tangy and flavorful, with dill and cucumber, and goes well with any of the sides.  Those looking for a little heat on their gyro will be more than satisfied with the chili-pepper sauce, which I can attest is extremely spicy.

At $40 for three people, Greek-n-Go isn’t exactly a value play.  However, as the price of fast-food has risen so much in recent years, an $8 gyro isn’t any more expensive than some of the nicer hamburgers at places such as McDonalds and Wendy’s.  $6 is still expensive for an order of fries, but the sheer volume customers receive at this price is staggering and large enough for two adults.

I was very pleased with my visit.  The service is friendly, the food excellent, and the prices reasonable, if not great.  It may take a courageous diner to get past the dumpy exterior, but the number of return customers coming and going should reassure new customers about the quality of the food.  While I can’t recommend this as a location for a first date, it’s the perfect place to grab some takeout to go hang out with friends.

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