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Slope House Mercantile brings home décor to Lehi Main



Sarah Maginnis | Lehi Free Press

Slope House Mercantile, which opened in late May, is Lehi’s newest home boutique and furniture store. This small, family business encompasses both modern and traditional styles and offers something for anyone who might walk through the door. 

At age 15, owner Analia Hoyer came to the United States from Argentina. She started with little but worked diligently and now owns two businesses: Hoyer Law Firm and Slope House Mercantile, both located in Lehi. Hoyer has a background in business and an interest in design, which ultimately inspired her to start this new retail business. 

Given Hoyer’s experience, she offered advice regarding starting a new business. “Anytime you create your own company, the key is just to make it your own,” said Hoyer. “As soon as you start copying other people and trying to be the same, it loses its unique feel. I made Slope House Mercantile as unique as possible, which is why it is succeeding.”

Due to the size of the store, Slope House Mercantile can showcase a large variety of merchandise. “We carry products you wouldn’t typically find in a large chain,” said Hoyer. “As a small business, we try to carry memorable things. We put a lot of time and effort into collecting our items, giving our customers the absolute best.” Owning a small business has many advantages, such as adjusting and modifying inventory. As a result, Slope House Mercantile will introduce new productswhile keeping up with popular trends.

Hoyer said there were many challenges to overcome as she started Slope House Mercantile. “Anytime you start something from scratch, it’s a monumental process,” said Hoyer. “I’m already familiar with the business end of things, but retail and merchandising are completely new. It’s a lot of effort, but when you’re doing something you love, you don’t care how hard it is; you make it work.”

The name of this establishment stems from the city of Lehi, both located in the Silicon Slopes and near the snow slopes of the surrounding mountains. “I see this business staying local,” said Hoyer. “We want to contribute to the Lehi community and give back what has been given to us, both business-wise and personally.”

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