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Skyridge drill team competes at Region



The Region 4 drill team competition was held on January 18 at Pleasant Grove High School and the Skyridge High School drill team performed with confidence in every entered category against some accomplished 6A opponents. 

The Vikettes from Pleasant Grove earned the region championship title with American Fork in second place and Corner Canyon in third place. 

The Skyridge squad looked impressive as the Amurelles filled up the competition floor with dancers. The team executed all three routines with skill and grace and displayed the strong technique of each dancer.

Kate Barker, head coach, said, “This year has been a year of tremendous growth. We more than doubled in size, we moved up in rankings, and we have been placing higher at competitions than we did last year.

“Not only have we grown as a team, but individually our athletes have improved and worked so hard to become their best on and off the floor,” she said.

The Amurelles competed with enthusiasm in each category. The drill team displayed stamina during their demanding military routine. Their dance routine was executed with dynamic movement and their great showmanship and musicality stood out during their show routine.

The Syridge drill team dancers have the ability to embrace the emotion in the music they dance to and tell movement-based stories. 


“I could not feel more proud of the progress and determination of these girls,” Barker said. “As I am trying to build this program, it is truly inspirational to coach athletes who are so dedicated.

“We have had long practices and some frustrating bumps in the road, but everything we run into we get back up and keep pushing,” she added. 

The Amurelles remain confident as they move on to the state quarterfinals on Monday (Jan. 30).

Genevieve Madsen, drill team vice president, said, “Being on drill is more than just being part of a sport, it is being part of a family. You always have a team full of people who are cheering you on, and on top of that, amazing coaches who are pushing you and helping you to grow.” 

All-Region honors went to Sarah Lemon, Brynlee Turner and Taylor Stewart. Inspirational Athlete was awarded to Ashlin Boren. Lemon was a top five drill-down winner.

Academic All-Region recognition went to Elly Alger, Moriah Anderson, Kiley Andrus, Ashlin Boren, Jane Bradley, Taylin Carbajal, Alexa Cook, Brooklyn Crowder, Abbi Earl, Gracie Gubler, Sofie Hallows, Lauryn Harris, Cassidy Hawkes, Taylor Johnson, Brooklyn Kizerian, Adelaide Kunz, Madison Laird, Sarah Lemon, Paige Neff, Addalyn Nelson, Ellie Nielson, Courtney Russell, Taylor Stewart, Kate Thomas, Aurelia Thompson and Brynlee Turner.

The Amurelles have assistant coaches Anne Blair and Bailee Anderson. The team is led by Boren as president, Madsen asvice-president and Anderson as secretary. Lemon is the military captain, Brynlee Turner is the dance captain and Taylor Stewart is the show captain.

“We find joy, accomplishment and success in our personal goals,” Barker said. “Each girl on the team strives to improve daily, master new skills, and focus on making small improvements. All I could ever want and ask for from my athletes is to give it their all, and that is what these girls do.”


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