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How to Make an Eye-Catching Infographic Flyer



Your product or service is unique, so why would you show it off the same way as everyone else? Take the time to learn a few tips, and you can design process flow charts, pie charts, and other visual aids that will impress people.

One of the best ways to do this is by using an infographic flyer instead of a brochure. You’ve probably come across the presentation-style leaflets often given to people on the street.

Read on to learn how you can make your flyer more impressive than the rest.

Define Your Visual Goals

Defining your visual goals is essential to create an eye-catching infographic poster. Start by deciding on the purpose of the flyer.

Consider who your target audience is and what information you want to share. Then, create a style guide.

Decide on the color palette, typography, layout, and other design elements you’d like to use. When choosing visuals, use bold images and illustrations to convey the message—balance text and visuals so the flyer isn’t overly text-heavy. 

Determine how to use motion and animation to bring the infographic flyer to life. Then make sure it fits your branding. There is a great infographic creator-tool that you can use.


Create an Attention-Grabbing Header

To create an eye-catching header for an infographic design, it won’t be enough to select a large font size for the heading simply; instead, design elements should be considered to determine how it should be visually presented to draw attention. Colors that contrast the rest of the flyer can draw attention.

Furthermore, the design of the header should stand out from the rest of the flyer, as a unique and dynamic design will catch readers’ eye. Above all else, the language used should be starkly different from the rest of the flyer. Use powerful words that make an impact, illustrate the strength of the argument, and pique the interests of those seeing the flyer.

Choose High-Quality Images

When making creative infographics, the key is to include high-quality images. It’s essential to ensure all the images are in high resolution and are well-formatted. Include relevant images to the content and ensure you have the license to use them.

Along with images, adding a few small charts or diagrams is a great way to support your content and keep your readers engaged. Remember to keep the overall size of the design small so it can be convenient to view across all platforms.

Incorporate Engaging Text & Statistics

It is essential to incorporate both engaging texts, as well as statistics for your custom infographic. Regarding statistics, using figures and data relevant to your business, product, or service is beneficial.

Drawing comparisons also helps to support the data shown. Using too much and not enough statistics can confuse readers and detract from the focused purpose of the flyer.

Are You Ready to Make That Eye-Catching Infographic Flyer?

With a large competition out there, you need something that stands out. This is quite important for your business to be known.

Creating an eye-catching infographic flyer doesn’t have to be difficult – with the right tools and guidelines, you can make an attractive and informative flyer that will help draw people in and keep them engaged. Use an infographic maker to create today’s attention-grabbing, well-organized, and informative flyer.


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