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Rare revival: “Amadeus” makes triumphant return to Lehi stage



Regalo Theater Company presents a rarity, “Amadeus” which gives a fictional account of the lives of Antonio Salieri and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In 1823, scandalous whispers echoed through the streets of Vienna as renowned Italian composer, Salieri, flees from claims of murder. He has nowhere to hide but joins with rowdy young prodigy, Mozart. A deadly game of envy, deceit, and revenge ensues. 

This show is a triumphant return to Utah County’s theater scene. According to Christopher d’Argy, the show’s producer, “Our closest estimate indicates that this masterpiece hasn’t graced Utah County stages for almost two decades, making this an eagerly awaited event for theater enthusiasts.”

Musical history is enlivened and re-imagined in “Amadeus,” an award-winning parable about malice, madness, and the love of music, written by Peter Shaffer. This production is directed by Michael Carrasco, a theater, film, and acting veteran with over four decades of experience. Carrasco’s passion for theater and his drive for community-level quality ensure a performance of unparalleled depth.

This is Regalo Theater Company’s fourth production and includes first-time actors in pivotal roles, such as Emperor Joseph and Catherina Cavalieri. “This adds a layer of excitement and a fresh perspective to the show’s narrative,” said d’Argy. 

Students and faculty are encouraged to attend this show. “An exciting aspect of this production is its invitation to Utah college and high school theater, English, music, and history faculty, along with their interested students. The incorporation of over 30 songs from Mozart and Salieri’s repertoire, coupled with an accurate portrayal of Mozart’s multifaceted personality, creates a unique educational opportunity,” said d’Argy. 

Interested educators may reach out to info@regalotheater.comfor a special school discount code.

“Amadeus” will open September 29 and run through October 16 at Skyridge High School in Lehi. Doors open at 7 p.m. Additionally, as a special offering to Lehi Free Press readers, usecode “LehiRes” at check out for a 10% discount. For further information contact


Please note that Peter Schaffer’s “Amadeus” Contains mature themes and subject matter. 

Regalo Theater Company extends their “heartfelt gratitude to all our patrons for joining us on this extraordinary journey through history, music, and the human spirit.”

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