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Lehi-based jewelry business donates $20,000 to Alzheimer’s Association



Megan Wallgren | Lehi Free Press

More than 6 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease. Pip Pop Post, a Lehi-based jewelry company, is fighting the memory-robbing disease one pair of earrings at a time. They’ve donated $20,000 to the cause in the past year, the proceeds from sales of their popular purple heart earrings.

Pip Pop Post is co-owned by sisters-in-law Sydney Bledsoe and Janelle Lucero. The purple heart design and the donation were dedicated to the memory of their late mother, Laneeda Lucero, who battled the disease for 13 years.

Lucero and Bledsoe started the company because they “hated the cheap options that caused allergic reactions and infections.” They wanted to make the experience more comfortable, especially for children. Their designs are 18-karat gold plated, completely hypoallergenic and made with surgical-grade stainless steel. Bledsoe said another thing that sets their designs apart is the flat screw back that means “no poking” as you sleep or talk on the phone.

The duo created and launched the purple heart earrings because they wanted to do something to honor Laneeda and fight the disease that took her from them. 

“It really steals life and memories from families. It impacts so many people,” said Lucero.

“Support for Alzheimer’s research is near and dear to us with our mom having it,” said Bledsoe. “We want to spread awareness and give people an option, something they can wear in remembrance and at the same time donate to the cause.” 

The company created the purple heart earring because the Alzheimer’s awareness color is purple, and the heart symbolizes love. All proceeds from sales of the purple earrings have been donated to Alzheimer’s research. 


“Our purple heart earrings have not only allowed us to pay tribute to my angel mom, but also to contribute to the important work being done by the Alzheimer’s Association,” said Bledsoe.

The response has been greater than the sisters anticipated.

“So many stories have come through about how Alzheimer’s is affecting people’s lives. It’s amazing to see all the messages and comments coming in from people who have someone close to them with Alzheimer’s and how it has been a part of their life,” Bledsoe said.

“We have sisters and moms and family members that will get them and wear them together. There’s something kind of unifying about it,” said Lucero.

The sisters-in-law also walk each year in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s event to raise money for awareness and research. For this year’s event, Bledsoe’s family walked in Utah and Lucero’s family walked in Seattle. The Pip Pop Team was this year’s biggest fundraiser in the Seattle race.

Lucero said her mother-in-law used to talk about learning to dance in the rain. 

“She had incredible optimism through all challenges in life. We can’t always expect life to be perfect, but we can try to keep finding joy despite difficulties,” said Lucero.

Bledsoe knows her mother would be proud of the company and community they’ve built and what they’ve done to fight Alzheimer’s. 


“My mom was an amazing part of her community. Whether it was the PTA, church service or as a team mom, she was so involved in the community to make sure her kids and family were thriving. We’ve tried to emulate that by building a community that comes together to feel like they can express themselves and be a force for good,” Bledsoe said.

To get a pair of purple heart earrings for Alzheimer’s remembrance or to try out other Pip Pop Post products, visit their website at

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