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Lehi principal responds to allegations of improper conduct by students



The following letter was sent to all students, parents and employees of Lehi High School from Principal Tim Brantley on Thursday (Feb. 8) morning in response to allegations that racial slurs were used by Lehi students during the basketball games against Westlake last Tuesday (Feb. 6):

Dear Parents, Employees, and Students,

I want to address a matter of great importance regarding allegations of Lehi High students yelling racial slurs at a basketball game Tuesday evening. As a school community and as Lehi citizens, this is deeply disturbing.

We strive for an environment of respect, sportsmanship, and inclusivity. Yelling racial slurs is absolutely unacceptable and will not be tolerated. We believe in treating all with dignity and respect. We want to represent the best of ourselves, our school, and our great community. This takes a collective effort.

We need your help! If anyone has information regarding the Tuesday night incident, please share that information with a member of the school’s administration so that we can appropriately and immediately address this. We will protect your anonymity. Let’s work together to ensure that our school remains a safe and welcoming place for all students, including visiting teams, players, and fans. Your cooperation and support in this matter are greatly appreciated. If you hear or see something, please say something.

Competition is never an excuse or reason for inappropriate behavior or name-calling. I want to reiterate the importance and expectation of appropriate behavior at sporting and extracurricular events. Parents and students, please have a conversation about UHSAA’s statement entitled “Do Rowdy Right.” This statement is read before every UHSAA game:

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Lehi High School for tonight’s/today’s athletic contest. We welcome our guests from (Visiting High School) and wish all players good luck in tonight’s/today’s game. Both schools are members of the Utah High School Activities Association and support the new statewide sportsmanship program Raise-the-Bar. Sportsmanship does matter, and we ask for your support in demonstrating respect for the game and all the participants by refraining from negative cheers, chants or behavior. Do Rowdy Right.”


Moving forward, be aware that regardless of the game or activity, students or adults who participate in inappropriate behavior will be immediately escorted out of the event and will face consequences as outlined in district policy.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this important matter, and for your support in creating and maintaining a positive and respectful school environment here at Lehi High School.


Tim Brantley, Principal

Alpine School District

The Alpine School District is conducting its own investigation and will have no public comment until it has been completed, but district policy in these situations is clear, as stated below:

“It is the commitment of the Alpine School District to strive to maintain all learning and working environments where students and employees can be safe and successful. This policy is written to follow Federal and Utah State Law mandating and providing authority to school districts to prohibit unlawful discrimination or harassment. This policy also provides guidance for requesting accommodations as appropriate under the law and procedures for reporting a complaint for persons who believe themselves to have been the object of discrimination or harassment. The District will follow the outlined procedures in investigating and resolving complaints.”



The following statement was issued on Friday (Feb. 9) by Jeff J. Cluff, Assistant Director of the Utah High School Activities Association, on behalf of all UHSAA officials and members.

The Utah High School Activities Association rejects discrimination in all forms, including bullying, taunting, harassment and invading the privacy of students. In recent days the Association has seen an unfortunate increase in these foul behaviors at sporting events. This week innocent students, playing sports, have suffered public bullying and harassment.  

The UHSAA Mission Statement says:

“Knowing that student activities are a significant educational force in the development of skills needed to become a contributing member of society, the UHSAA reaffirms that students are the focus and reason for the Association…”

There is no place in high school activities for bullying or harassment. The UHSAA is committed to stressing educational and cultural values, improving the participation experience in activities, promoting life skills and lessons involved in competitive activities, fostering sportsmanship and assisting those who oversee high school sports and activities in UHSAA member high schools.

The Association will continue to ask all those who supervise, participate in and watch these sports and activities to stand together with the UHSAA and its member high schools in support of all students who participate and compete in high school activities.

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