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ASD R.I.S.E. awards celebrate impact-making educators



Alpine School District has recognized nearly 1,000 educators and staff for their dedication and efforts to make a difference in the lives of students. To reward the standout employees, ASD implemented the RISE Awards program during the 2022-2023 school year. RISE stands for Remarkable, Inspiring, Selfless, and Encouraging.

Mountain Point Medical Center (now CommonSpirit – Holy Cross Hospital – Mountain Point) generously funded the first year of the award program. Today, the Alpine School District Foundation continues the recognitions. Next year, the district will sponsor the program. Nominees are recognized at their respective schools, and each month, several are selected for a public celebration by their nominators and a member of the ASD Board meeting at each regular meeting of the ASD Board of Education. 

“We have amazing people working in our schools and love to recognize them. These recognitions of outstanding teachers and school employees highlight the practices that make learning environments the best for students and help us encourage and extend those efforts,” said Dr. Joel Perkins, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning.

Any ASD employee who meets the RISE standards may be nominated for the award. Students, parents, fellow employees, and others are encouraged to make nominations. Nominations can be made at ASD RISE Awards until early May of each school year. 

Several teachers and staff from Lehi City schools have been nominated this school year. March and April’s nominees include the following:

• John Brown, Skyridge High School; teacher

• Joe Karlsven, Skyridge High; teacher


• Camille Pickett, Skyridge High; teacher

• Mindy Hinckley, Skyridge High; teacher

• Regan Gull, Skyridge High; teacher

• Kahna Cutler, Skyridge High; teacher

• Sarah Hanse, Skyridge High; teacher

• Amy Anderson, Skyridge High; teacher

• Doug Larsen, Skyridge High; teacher

• Tyler Davis, Skyridge High; teacher


Ethan Sorro, a student of Ms. Gull, said, “Mrs. Gull is one of the nicest, most caring, and thoughtful teachers I’ve ever had. It’s hard for a teacher to juggle the needs of the hundreds of students you see every day and not only does Mrs. Gull do that, but she also talks to and cares about every single one of them. She makes her learning environments feel like a community with each student learning necessary and important skills not only from her class but from one another. I’m eternally grateful for her and the work that she does.”

Mr. Davis was nominated by a student who said, “Mr. Davis is a great counselor. He loves his students and cares deeply about their success. He wants all of his students to have an awesometime at school and will help anyone with anything the student needs. No matter the person, he cares for them and wants to help them. “

• Chalise Farr, Skyridge High, teacher

• Nicole Hopkins, Skyridge High; teacher

• Patrick Gleaves, Skyridge high; teacher

• Julie Gurr, Traverse Mountain Elementary; Innovative Learning Coach

• Shelley Jones, Willowcreek Middle; teacher

“Shelley is a first year English Language Arts teacher who is making connections with 7th graders in every single class. Her lessons are helping the students to make connections and build empathy. Kids are engaged in class, and they are excited to see her. She has a positive attitude about everything, and she’s always open to learning anything new that will better help her students. She’s been an excellent addition to the Alpine ELA team,” said Whitney Child, a district employee.


Richard Stowell, Director of Communications for ASD said, “Any type of awards program, when executed well, has two big benefits. First, it’s an opportunity to show our gratitude to the educators who have demonstrated excellence. Second, it encourages other members of Alpine School District to elevate their practice to make an even bigger impact.”

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