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Ned LeDoux kicks off Lehi Round-Up Week with spectacular concert



Ryann Anderegg | Lehi Free Press

The 2024 Lehi Round-Up week began with a spectacular concert at Wines Park as Ned LeDoux, son of the legendary Chris LeDoux, delivered a performance that left the audience wanting more. The event, held on the evening of Monday, June 24, saw a great turnout, filling most of the park with excited fans.

Ned LeDoux’s concert was very nostalgic as he sang through many of his father’s classics, bringing back cherished memories for many attendees. 

Anne Rees, a Lehi resident, shared her joy, saying, “I loved seeing the joy on my little boys’ faces. They love Chris LeDoux and just had to see his son perform. Their joy as they stood there singing his dad’s songs was everything for me. We were all just so excited.”

The evening was not only about music, but also community. The park was alive with the smell of delicious food from popular food trucks, including Yoshi’s Enso Grill, Jurassic Street Tacos and Iceberg Shake Truck, offering a variety of tasty treats to the concert-goers.

Katie Radmall set the stage as the opening act, warming up the crowd with her engaging performance. Her energy and talent perfectly complemented the family-friendly atmosphere of the event, making it a night to remember for all ages.

LeDoux’s performance was a testament to his roots and his dedication to his craft. Having grown up on a ranch in Kaycee, Wyo., he carries forward the traditions and values of his upbringing in his music. 

“I’m writing my own story, and if people take a liking to it, that’s wonderful. As long as I’m writing from the heart and about what I know, I can definitely listen back to it and be proud,” he said. 


Despite the shadow of his famous father, LeDoux has carved out his own path, evident in his energetic live shows and the authenticity of his songs. 

Reflecting on his journey, LeDoux shared, “I hope I inspire people to never forget where they came from. That’s one thing I’m very proud of. I’m carrying on a tradition, but I’m writing my own story. I want people to know they should never give up on a dream. There’s always time. Just keep on going.”

As the sun set over Wines Park, the crowd dispersed with smiles, full hearts and the lingering melodies of Ned LeDoux’s heartfelt performance. The Lehi Round-Up week began on a high note, promising more memorable moments in the days to come.

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