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Hoedown at Sego Lily Elementary



Three years ago Marilyn Bazinet came to see Principal Courtney Johnson at Sego Lily Elementary to find out what the school needed. After a little brainstorming, Principal Johnson suggested to Bazinet that the boys at the school needed a fun activity with their moms, similar to the big Princess Ball the girls had with their dads. Even though Bazinet didn’t have boys going to Sego Lily, she got to work.

Marilyn Bazinet grew up in a musical, dancing family. They started a deejay business to provide a way for the teenagers in the family to make extra money. Bazinet has been a deejay since she was 12 years old. She also danced in high school and college. Bazinet, along with teachers Jan Cook and Karen Chappell, came up with the idea to have a hoedown for the boys and their moms.

Last Friday, March 3, boys (and girls) and their moms came to Sego Lily Elementary ready to play and dance. Half of the gym was dark with only black lights and glow sticks for the “glow games” of roping, Snake in the Boot, and Barnyard Bandits. For all the games, mothers and sons had to work as teams.

In the other half of the gym, Marilyn Bazinet taught simple country line dances. Boys were happily pulling their moms to the dance floor to participate. Bazinet’s favorite dances are the ones the whole family can do together. The moms and kids couldn’t help smiling as they kicked up their heels and skipped along to “Cotton-Eyed Joe.”

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