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New Health and Rehab Facility opens in Lehi



With hopes of providing incredible clinical care, the doors of Pointe Meadows Health and Rehabilitation swung open Saturday, September 23, to welcome the Lehi community. A celebration took place, and families young and old alike were delighted to find a number of fun activities planned for them.

The face painter at the event was incredibly popular. | Photo by Linsey Loader

Pointe Meadows, located at 2750 N Digital Drive in Lehi, is a striking new building, unlike what some may visualize when they think of assisted-living and short-term rehabilitation. Instead there’s a showcase of stunning architecture hosting many day-to-day activities for residents and patients. Features of the new facility include an expansive gym, comfy theater, spacious dining room, and even an in-house salon. For the opening event, Pointe Meadows was alive with a faire-like atmosphere, and whole families were enjoying the activities.

Placed at its entrance, a s’mores station and rock climbing wall were initial attractions for attendees, with rock hits playing in the background. Upon entering, visitors were given a raffle ticket that both entered them for a giveaway contest and acted as a coupon for the taco-toting food truck in the parking lot. To the right and left of the entrance desk, a bouncy castle, cotton candy tent, and balloon maker were the second wave of entertainment. Only a few steps further, and a wide table featuring delicious donuts and hot chocolate provided relief for anyone in need of a sugar fix. Further into the halls, a temporary tattoo station, face painter, and henna artist awaited any wanting a fresh, creative adornment.

The spirit of the gathering reflected the intent of Pointe Meadows. We spoke to Melinda Wallis, director of marketing for Pointe Meadows about just that. She said, “We’re super excited to be in this community. I think there’s a need for skilled nursing here. There’s nothing like this facility in the area, really. I think if people will come and take a tour, it will really change the way they think and feel about skilled nursing. This feels more like a hotel stay than a clinical stay.”

Brave kids were able to try rock climbing on this large wall. | Photo by Linsey Loader

That vacation atmosphere was certainly a part of the opening. The private rooms open for display were large, wonderfully furnished, brightly lit, and welcoming. Like the rest of Pointe Meadows, large windows featuring the beauty of the Lehi landscape around the facility was a key feature.

Wallis mentioned the facility will focus on Lehi’s unique needs. “While we have several other buildings in several other states, the neat thing about Enzyme [Pointe Meadow’s parent company] is that we operate as an individual facility. We don’t have to clear decisions through headquarters. …It doesn’t have to go through someone sitting in California that might have a different demographic or need in their community. We get to decide that. We have the backing of Enzyme, but we also have a small-town feel,” said Wallis

There was something inherently Lehi about the gathering. The bright atmosphere and family-centric enjoyment were familiar, wrapped in this brand-new state-of-the-art location. However, it wasn’t only about a one-day celebration. The important thing to Pointe Meadows is the people who may stay there. Melinda Wallis went on to say, “I think this is probably my biggest message. It is a beautiful building, there’s no doubt about it. But, the other thing that sets us apart is that we have assembled a team of like-minded people who really want to care and advocate for individuals who may need us. And so, not only is the building beautiful, but the team is amazing as well. I think that’s another thing that sets us apart.”

“We want to take care of the people who come here to stay. We want them to feel loved for, advocated for, and like someone has their back in the process of getting well and getting home safely,” Wallis added.

Pointe Meadows has tours available in person, as well as virtual tours featured on their website and Facebook. Visit to learn more.


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