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Renowned Texas restaurant opens location in Utah 



Whether by word of mouth or firsthand experience, people are flocking to the newest Super Chix location in American Fork, Utah. Founded six years ago in Dallas, Texas, Super Chix is fast-casual restaurant devoted to high-quality offerings, great customer service, and ‘the last true chicken sandwich’.  

All menu items are made fresh and feature gourmet toppings free from MSG and GMOs. The fresh, never-frozen chicken is marinated in-store, grilled or hand-breaded, and cooked in peanut oil. There are house-made sauces such as ranch, honey mustard, a signature Super Chix sauce, buffalo, Korean BBQ, and the best-selling Nashville hot chicken sauce which also comes on a sandwich or as a dipping sauce.

Super Chix CEO Darryl Neider said, “This isn’t fast-food chicken. Our high-quality, fresh tenders and filets are lightly breaded with breading that has just only seven ingredients. We believe simple is better. We have no drive-thru and our interiors have an elevated, cool vibe that’s perfect for a casual lunch or dinner. We’ve developed a product and experience that stand out in the market and caters to all ages and walks of life. Everyone enjoys high-quality food in a fun environment.”

In addition to its premium chicken and hand-cut fries, Super Chix also specializes in frozen custard, served as hand-dipped in cones or cups, or in milkshakes and fusions also known as concretes. Chocolate and vanilla are always on the menu, but Super Chix also offers a special flavor of week. Future custard flavors include cookies and cream, Reese’s peanut butter cup, Butterfinger, English coffee toffee, chocolate chip cookie dough, black raspberry cheesecake and more.

Our group asked for the most popular chicken sandwiches and ended up with Cheesy BBQ with cheddar, chopped onions, and sweet BBQ sauce. This truly is a delicious chicken sandwich, cooked perfectly and served piping hot. We also thoroughly enjoyed the chicken tenders and sampled each of the house-made sauces. We got two orders of fries, one for those looking for more traditional french fries with salt, and the other with Rosemary Black Pepper. Both flavors were a big hit – we left nothing in the bottom of the baskets. The restaurant was packed with people, but the service was quick and friendly. Finding a parking spot near the restaurant during lunch time was very difficult, with multiple fast-casual restaurants sharing a very limited parking lot. However, everyone in our party agreed that Super Chix is a new favorite that we will be attending again soon. 

Super Chix is located at 643 Pacific Drive, suite 102, just over the Lehi/American Fork border.

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