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Lehi assisted living community residents receive second COVID-19 vaccine dose



Shelby Barnes  | Lehi Free Press 

On December 31, 2020, Bellaview Assisted Living and Memory Care residents and staff received the first dose of the new, highly anticipated Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. About a month later, on February 1, 2021, over 50 residents and employees lined up to finish the series and received the second dose of the vaccine.

           Community Nursing Services (CNS) has been visiting long-term and assisted living communities for the last two months administering Moderna COVID-19 vaccines to residents and healthcare employees as quickly as possible. Danica Gibson, a CNS staff member, said, “Most of these residents are really excited to receive the vaccine, and we are happy to be here to give it to them.” Nurses at CNS administered the vaccines, and between the nurses and Belleview team members, safety precautions were taken and enforced throughout the entire process. 

           After residents received each vaccine dose, they were observed for 15 minutes to ensure no allergic reactions or side effects occurred. “It’s been very easy to get the shot and very well organized. It’s just a wonderful opportunity for us,” said Diane Serdar, a resident of the community. After months of little to no contact with family and friends, residents and staff are excited to resume normalized in-person visits back in full swing again.

Bellaview Assisted Living Marketing Director Gabrielle Bright said, “It is all about these residents and their families. Anything that will bring them closer to getting to seeing their families again is our goal.” 

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