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7 Important Questions to Ask When Considering a Utah MSP



When you’re considering working with a Utah Managed Service Provider, there are a few key questions you need to ask in order to make sure you’re making the right decision for your business. Here are 7 important questions to ask and why you should ask them:

1. How long have you been in business, and how long have you provided Managed Services, specifically?

An IT company with a lot of experience in providing Managed Services can be a great asset to your business. They will have likely seen and resolved a wide variety of issues, meaning they can more quickly and effectively solve any problems that may arise. 

Additionally, an MSP with a long history is likely to be more stable financially, which can give you peace of mind and save your business hassle down the road.

2. How quickly do you respond to support requests, and is this in your Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

Your MSP should be able to provide you with detailed SLAs that outline their response times, uptime guarantees, and other service metrics. This will help you to understand what you can expect from their services and hold them accountable if they don’t meet those expectations.

3. Do you have well-developed and documented processes? If so, can you tell me about some of them?

The processes and procedures your MSP has in place are critical to the quality of their services. Well-developed processes help to ensure that issues are resolved quickly and effectively, and that tasks are completed correctly the first time. 

Asking about some of their key processes can give you insight into how they operate and whether or not they’re likely to meet your needs.

4. What certifications do your technicians have and how often do they renew them?

The quality of your MSP’s services is only as good as the technicians providing them. Make sure that your MSP invests in ongoing training for their technicians so that they can stay up-to-date on the latest technology and bespoke solutions. Additionally, ask about their technicians’ certifications and make sure they are kept up-to-date.


5. Can you tell me about the history of your business?

Any IT company can have a good year, but it’s important to look at the long-term trends of an MSP before you sign on. Have they been steadily growing over the years? Are their services in high demand? These are all important questions to ask in order to gauge an MSP’s stability and future prospects.

6. How many employees do you have?

This question can help you to understand the scale of an MSP and what kind of resources they have at their disposal. A large MSP with many employees is likely to have more experience and be better equipped to handle a wide variety of issues. However, a smaller MSP may be more agile and better able to provide personalized service.

7. Do you outsource any of your core services?

It’s important to know if your MSP partners with any other companies to provide their services. Outsourcing can be a good thing, but it can also lead to communication issues and a lack of accountability if something goes wrong. 

Make sure that you understand who is responsible for what and how they will communicate with you if an issue arises.

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