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Top Reasons to Consider Upskilling in Utah



Many people are more than satisfied working in the same job for the same business, year after year. You can enjoy job satisfaction, security, and a close-knit working family. For all the benefits associated with working in the same job for many years, there can be equally as many drawbacks, such as few opportunities to grow and minimal salary increases. If you’re stagnating in your current position because the thought of upskilling scares you, think about some of the following benefits you might be missing out on.    

A Bigger Salary

When you upskill in an industry such as healthcare, there’s potential for you to make more money. For example, a registered nurse might enroll in a BSN to MSN-FNP program available in Utah to become a family nurse practitioner. A registered nurse in Utah can earn an average base salary of $40.37 per hour, while a family nurse practitioner in Utah can earn an average of $47.08 per hour. These base salaries don’t include overtime and non-cash benefits, such as 401K. 

More Job Satisfaction

You might already be satisfied with the work you do, but the ‘sameness’ of every day can take its toll. You might tire of the monotony of the tasks you perform, but you don’t have the skills, knowledge, or qualifications to do more than you already do. One of the only ways to improve such a situation is by upskilling. By learning a new facet of your industry, you can undoubtedly broaden your capabilities and perform an even more comprehensive list of tasks each day to keep your job interesting. 

Learn More Soft Skills

Upskilling is about learning new hard, quantifiable skills to ensure you’re adequately qualified and trained for a new role. However, through the process of study and training to learn those hard skills so that you can make more money and enjoy other benefits, you inevitably gain a variety of soft skills. 

For example, while juggling home life, work life, and study, you’re mastering the art of multi-tasking and time management. If you have to work with others on projects, you’re learning how to collaborate and communicate. On-the-job training also teaches you excellent people skills, social skills, and listening skills. By the time you graduate with a new qualification, you’ve potentially learned more than just what you absorbed through your course content. 

Improve Your Job Prospects

Utah already enjoys low unemployment rates, so you might not struggle to secure employment with your current experience levels and qualifications. However, upskilling might make you even more desirable to future employers. 

If you work in a field such as medicine, you might find it much easier to be hired for a management or leadership-type role compared to roles requiring fewer qualifications and less experience. You might even enjoy eligibility for a wider variety of roles, allowing you to seek employment opportunities outside of Utah. 


The thought of upskilling can be daunting, especially when you prefer to stay inside your comfort zone doing a job you know how to do. However, if you were to upskill in your current industry, you might enjoy a higher salary, more job opportunities, more soft skills, and more job satisfaction. 

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