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New IV therapy business opens on Lehi Main Street



Brynn Carnesecca | Lehi Free Press

​Part of a national wellness trend, The Mint IV Bar recently opened on Main Street in Lehi, offering various therapies delivered intravenously to bolster health. 

Kitty Palazzola, the owner of The Mint IV Bar, has been aware of intravenous therapy for years. Palazzola’s father, diagnosed with diabetes, often required IV therapy to help reduce symptoms of his condition. At the time, no IV therapy facilities existed near their California residence. With no other choice, Palazzola would travel to Mexico to get his needed care. This distinctive therapy helped him in ways no other treatments had. 

From this experience, Palazzola was inspired to bring this therapy into the center of Lehi. “I’m a realtor, but I wanted to start a business,” she shared. “I saw the IV bars popping up and thought, ‘That’s it!’ It’s something I love and am passionate about. This is a business that will serve my family and others.”

IV therapy, also known as intravenous therapy, is unique in supporting and rejuvenating the body. While many supplements and similar treatments can be helpful, IV therapy delivers the nutrients directly into the bloodstream. “The largest benefit of IV therapy is the delivery of what we put into the body – whether that be minerals, vitamins or a supplement,” Palazzolaexplained. “When it’s delivered through an IV needle, it goes straight into your system. It’s bypassing your gut, skipping digestion, and going straight into your cells.” 

Unlike traditional medicine, vitamins delivered through an IV get to work immediately. Additionally, the extra fluid and electrolytes heighten hydration levels.

While emergency rooms offer IV therapies, the beauty of this business is its accessibility and speed. “The point of the IV bar is a place to get IV therapy that isn’t the emergency room. Here, we can get you in and out in an hour. That does not happen in the ER,” says Palazzola. To ensure the utmost safety of clients, all personnel are registered nurses or physician assistants. Patients complete medical forms before appointments to ensureIV therapy is safe based on medical histories. 

With The Mint, therapies are customizable and effective. Pregnant individuals can find an anti-morning sickness therapy, those prone to migraines can receive a migraine drip, others with viral sicknesses can try the medicine ball immunity drip, and anyone seeking a boost to their body can get a “Meyers cocktail.” According to Palazzola, for those who battle seasonal depression, an intramuscular shot of vitamin D can be the “perfect pick-me-up.”


“There are very few side effects with vitamin and mineral therapy. It’s an easy way to come in and feel better. If you can give your body the things it needs to fight illnesses off, your body can heal itself much faster,” assured Palazzola. 

With Palazzola’s family history with IV therapy, she hopes to expand this field and teach others about the benefits. “My goal is to educate people and make sure they know it is an option. Many people don’t even know what IV therapy is,” Palazzolasaid. “I also want to make it affordable and accessible. This is an out-of-pocket expense, so I try to keep it under the $150 range for treatment.”

To celebrate its recent opening, The Mint IV Bar is hosting a Valentine’s soirèe on February 11 from 2-6 p.m. $50 mini drips, special membership deals, and giveaways will be offered. The business is located at 86 W Main St Suite C. 

The Mint IV Bar accepts HSA and offers memberships to benefit most from their services. The Mint treats adults from 18-80. Visit or call (801)707-7850 for more information and to book an appointment.

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