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Pop singer Ed Sheeran sends birthday surprise to six-year-old fan



Ed Sheeran, English singer-songwriter, guitarist, and record producer, made a six-year-old superfan’s birthday extra special by sending him a surprise gift. Ren Lamoreaux, a local Sheeran superfan, was excited about his unforgettable birthday surprise. 

Ren is the son of Justin and Alex Lamoreaux, who wanted to make the birthday memorable for their oldest child. Alex grew up in Lehi and was Miss Lehi in 2011.

Planning the right birthday party for a soon-to-be six year can feel overwhelming for a parent, especially when your child only wants an “Ed Sheeran water party,” said Alex.

“I wanted an Ed Sheeran birthday because I like his songs,” said Ren. “My favorite song is Bad Habits.”

“I invited him to my party,” said Ren. 

Alex went viral on TikTok after she shared her worries about disappointing her son with her 74,000 followers. She posted that her son Ren had invited the singer to his sixth birthday party.

“My five-year-old invited Ed Sheeran to his party! Recently, hehas become obsessed with Ed Sheeran. He loves him, loves his music, and he requested an Ed Sheeran-themed water party.”

The Ed Sheeran-themed birthday party featured a water slide and cupcakes with Ed’s face. The invitations were pretend concert tickets and included a picture of Ed performing. 


Alex tagged Sheeran on her video, and all the fans did as well,letting the singer know he was invited to Ren’s birthday party.

In the viral video, Alex said, “So, Ren asked me to invite Ed Sheeran to his birthday party, and I said, ‘Of course, I will.’ Here’s the problem, he now 100 percent believes Ed Sheeran is coming to his birthday party.”

“The confidence that Ed will show up, what do I do? Ren is so precious, and in his mind, it’s just that simple. You invited him. Of course, he’s going to come.”

Sheeran is currently performing in stadiums across the US in his Mathematics Tour. Ren seemed to understand that Sheeran had other commitments and would not be able to attend his party.

“Ed couldn’t come to my party because he was on tour,” said Ren. 

However, Sheeran surprised Ren with a present to celebrate his birthday. The special delivery arrived with a tag titled “To Ren, From Ed.” The gift box included a t-shirt, signed CD, toy, notebook, microphone, and guitar.

Ren said, “Ed sent me a guitar, a microphone, a notebook and a blue stuffy (plush toy).”

There was even a sweet handwritten note from Sheeran which read: “Ren, sorry not to make your birthday party, hope it was great. Here’s a notepad, mic and guitar so you can start writing songs like me.”


“Ed sent me the present because I invited him, and he couldn’t come to the party,” said Ren. “I really like the guitar. 

“The present was on my doorstep with wrapping paper. It was giant. I was very happy,” said Ren. 

A follow-up video shows Ren opening the front door to a big blue box with a label reading “To Ren, From Ed.”

Alex captioned her video: “This has got to be one of the best experiences of our entire lives! My mama heart has been bursting with joy and gratitude.

“Will never be able to express my gratitude to everyone whomade this happen for him.”

Many TikTok users took to the comments section to show their love for Sheeran’s kind gesture. Sheeran himself commented: “Glad he liked it. Much love x.”

One person said: “My heart is so happy for him.”

Another fan commented: “How awesome for your son! These are the things that show just how someone famous truly appreciates their fans and inspires them to go for their dreams.”


Alex said, “It was magical. We are so grateful.”

Planning an Ed Sheeran water party for Ren was a complete success. The overwhelming question is, what will the Lamoreauxs do for Ren’s seventh birthday? “This was so crazy but extraordinary,” said Alex.