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New dessert shop, “Yonutz” opens new store on Lehi, Saratoga Springs border



Utah’s lovefest with sugar continues. A new dessert shop recently opened on the Lehi and Saratoga Springs border. Yonutz, located at 1509 Commerce Dr., right behind Del Taco and Mcdonald’s, brings patrons a new twist on ice cream sandwiches and donuts.

Yonutz was founded in South Florida, and Saratoga Springs is the 17th location of the rapidly growing dessert company. Mike Bond, a Lehi physical therapist by day, is the franchise owner of the new location.

“We live on the east end of Eagle Mountain and wanted to have our business close to our home yet serve the communities we live in and are involved in the most,” said Bond when asked how he chose the Saratoga Springs site.

“Opening has been amazing, better than we could have hoped for. We’ve felt the support and acceptance of our new business with each new customer who has come through the door,” continued Bond when asked how the opening weekend went. 

The Yonutz brand marquee item is the SMASHED® donut–a donut ice cream sandwich with toppings. The process starts with slicing a donut, filling it with a choice of ice cream, smashing it in a press to bring it all together and then topping the dessert with various toppings. 

Guests may also choose a SMASHED® shake, which includes scoops of ice cream, various donut options and even mini donuts for those looking for a small taste. 

I visited the new location during its opening weekend. I was greeted by a brightly colored storefront and friendly employees, including owner Mike Bond, who explained all the options to first-time guests.

I’m a sucker for donuts, so I ordered a variety for my first visit. I went with the regular-size Boston cream and a 4-pack of minis (churro, PB&J, Nutella and strawberry jelly). The total was just under $10. 


The donut dough is unique and doughier in texture than most other places around town. The unanimous winner of the night for my family was the Boston cream, which had a flavorful filling and quality chocolate. The minis allowed us to try multiple flavors, but I suggest the full size to get the best product and taste. 

Overall, Yonutz is a nice addition to the West Lehi food scene. The shop has so many different dessert options you’ll have to visit a few times to experience all its offerings.

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