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Lehi’s Poplin provides extra income for laundry lovers



Ryann Anderegg | Lehi Free Press

A Lehi company hopes to transform the way we do laundry. Poplin is the world’s largest on-demand professional laundry service. Poplin allows users to have their laundry washed, dried, folded, and delivered back to their doorstep at the click of a button. Independent laundry lovers, called Poplin’s Laundry Pros, choose when they want to take orders and love the flexibility of working from home.

Poplin started in Lehi in 2019 and has grown to over 500 cities nationwide. The idea for Poplin was born from a comment Mort Fertel’s (Poplin’s CEO and co-founder) wife commented in 2017 while buried in dirty laundry for their household of five children. “This is crazy. I can tap an app to get to an airport. I can FaceTime someone on the other side of the world. But I’m doing laundry like my grandmother,” she said. Poplin, headquartered in Lehi, is now available in over 500 cities nationwide.

Kristen Marion, a representative for Poplin, said, “Our top Laundry Pros earn up to $5,000 a month working full-time on Poplin. However, we find that most Laundry Pros use Poplin as a side hustle to bring in extra income to help supplement family finances and work on their own time.” 

Poplin has been dubbed the “Uber of laundry.” The company uses everyday people who love doing the dreaded household chore and turn others’ dirty laundry into cash. In addition, Poplin saves people time by leaving the laundry to the pros. Poplin does laundry for only $1 per pound. The laundry is professionally washed, flawlessly dried, expertly folded, and returned to you the next day.

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