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Actor, LHS alum Sadie Veach finds success in NYC



Sadie Veach was born weighing 3lbs. and 4oz. Her debut in this world was touch and go for several weeks. Her mother, Melynda, and father, Bill, prayed for her survival. Not only has she survived, but she has also excelled in her short twenty- three years.

Sadie’s life has been shaped by the love and support of her grandparents. She talked about her “Pappies,” Bill and Jess. 

“When I was just a child, my Pappy Bill (Powell) would play the game “Presenting Sally” with Sadie. I would stand in a door frame, and Pappy would introduce me by saying, ‘And now we have Sally.’ He would introduce me like I was a movie star. I loved it.” 

“My Pappy Jess would hold me and sing songs to me. I hit the jackpot when it came to grandparents,” she said.

As a child, she dreamed she would be a ballerina. “I loved to dance but gravitated to the dances that told stories. My love for performing was enhanced when I came to Lehi High School after transferring from a private school. I fell in love with the Musical Dance Theatre program at high school. I had the greatest teachers: Mindy Nelson, Katie Hatch, Cheryl Allgaier, and Randy Blackburn. They were amazing and instilled in me alove of musical theatre.”

Sadie was cast in five musicals while in high school. She said the turning point in her love of the performing arts was when she was cast as Arial in “The Little Mermaid.” 

In her time in high school, she had the opportunity to visit New York City on several occasions and thought, “This is where I want to be.” 


She attended BYU, participated in several productions and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. 

She loved her experience at BYU and wanted to focus more on film and television. She never gave up on her dream to live in New York City and prepared to audition for the New York Showcase. Her performance at the New York Showcase was successful as she found a talent representative. She auditioned and was chosen to appear in a production on Amazon called “Shelter.” She also had a significant role in an episode of “Law and Order.” Critics were impressed with her appearance in both productions.

She recalls packing all her stuff in a U-Haul and heading to New York City with her mom and dad. “I love New York,” she said. “I was very sad to leave Lehi and so many people I love, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. I have been so incredibly lucky.”

Sadie’s career was on hold during the Screen Actors Guild strike. “I had to join SAG to do the film and TV roles. There were restrictions on the things I was able to do. While on strike, I had a chance to work on some creative projects. I am in the process of writing a play about my ancestors.”

She expressed her admiration for Thornton Wilder and Mr. Rogers. “They had the ability to show the goodness of people and help develop empathy for all people,” she said. “They take life and cultivate the culture of love and service in art. I want to be part of that effort.”

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