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Ryser’s murals, paintings delight the community



Brynn Carnesecca | Lehi Free Press 

Most Lehi residents have most likely seen artist Grace Ryser’s artwork. You can view her murals on the little building at the intersection of 900 North and 600 East. Her commissioned pieces are featured on her Instagram account. Or catch her creative acrylic signs on nearly every aisle of Harmon’s Grocery, depicting pop culture icons from hundreds of movies and television shows.

For Grace, art has always been a key part of her life. “I grew up drawing, painting and taking art lessons,” She said. She followed her artistic passion to Utah State, where she earned a BFA in drawing and painting. 

With her art degree, Grace continued her journey by creating commissioned portraits and landscapes. A few years later, Grace found a unique job listing on Indeed. “It was a very vague job description,” Grace laughed. “It said, ‘Come paint signs at a local grocery store in Lehi.’ I didn’t know what that meant, but it had the word ‘paint,’ and that was good enough for me.” That vague job listing came from Harmon’s grocery store in Traverse Mountain.

Grace has worked at Harmon’s for four years and has created hundreds of unique signs. Her creative process involves hours of brainstorming, digital mockups and, of course, painting. “It can take a long time just to come up with a concept, idea or a reference that I like. Sometimes brainstorming takes the longest time,” Grace explained. Many times, the inspiration comes from watching TV during childhood. “I use many of those references now, which my dad never appreciated. But now he’s quite proud,” said Grace. Other times, inspiration can come from places Grace has traveled, artists at other Harmon’s locations or the internet. 

After Grace formulates the painting idea, she begins mapping it out digitally on Procreate. Once I have that down, it can take just a day or two to start and finish the painting.” While Grace has worked with all sorts of different mediums, her typical choice is acrylic paint. 

After many hours of painting, Grace can have a large piece done and ready for the store. Shoppers can enjoy characters from “The Office,” Disney films, “The Princess Bride,” “Star Wars,” and everything in between, are featured at the end of the aisles, bringing color to Harmon’s store. With four years under her belt, Grace has refined her process. “I bring Harmon’s immense value, effort and skill,” Grace shared. 

Additionally, Grace continues to have a steady stream of creative ideas. “People talk about artist’s or writer’s block, and I can’t say that I have experienced that before this point.”


Grace encourages future and aspiring artists to “Allow themselves to be a beginner. Find joy in the process, not in the product. It can be one of the most healing and rewarding things if you allow yourself to do it.” 

In addition to her pieces at Harmon’s, Grace also takes commissions for portraits, signs, murals and landscapes. To view Grace’s pieces or request a commission follow@graceleighart on Instagram or visit 

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