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Wasatch Dance Company brings dance and unique taste experiences together in “Savor”



Ryann Anderegg | Lehi Free Press

As the performing arts world continues to evolve, the Wasatch Dance Company is at the forefront, pushing boundaries with its upcoming event, ‘Savor.’ This innovative dance recital, set to take place at The Lodge at Traverse Mountain on Saturday, April 13, at 4, 6, and 8 p.m., promises an unforgettable experience that seamlessly merges dance performance with culinary artistry, offering a unique blend of movement and taste.

“‘ Savor’ is an interactive event that bridges dance performance and culinary arts. Grounded in the belief that both dance and food are ephemeral art forms, this project uses taste and movement to provide opportunities for individuals to live fully in the moment with their bodies,” said Jocelyn Smith, Artistic Director of the Wasatch Dance Company.

Featuring choreography by Smith, the performance highlights the talents of dancers Jaclyn Brown, Darcie Day, Lily Farrar, Kenzie Gannaway, Brittany Henderson, Lyndsi Henretty, Jess MacDonald, Natalie Tolman, and Alexis Valbuena. Each dancer brings a wealth of experience, a diverse background, and proficiency in various dance styles to the stage.

The dancers and directors have prepared for this show for over a year. Smith has beta-tested her food-and-dance idea in a fewother applications while preparing for her feature show. Last April, she created a dance about different kinds of candy. The audience enjoyed the candy while watching the performance. The dedication and hard work of all the performers behind the scenes promises an exceptional experience for the audience.

“More closely resembling a gallery than a traditional dance concert, audience members will have the freedom to move throughout the performance space, choose a new vantage point, and visit different stations to experience different food-dance combos,” explained Jessica Heaton, Executive Director of the Wasatch Dance Company.

Renowned culinary artist Robyn Farr has curated a delectable menu of 12 petite appetizers, which will be served during the dance performances. From sweet treats like cotton candy to savory delights like jalapeno jelly with cream cheese, each appetizer is carefully paired with specific dance pieces, creating a multisensory journey for the audience.

Tickets for “Savor” can be purchased online at Wasatch Contemporary Dance Company’s website, Advanced ticket purchase is recommended, considering the intimate nature of the performance and limited seating.


Even though the performance is family-friendly, Smith recommends that children nine and younger sit this out. The venue offers wheelchair-accessible seating, and patrons can opt for reserved seating.

This event promises to be an evening of artistry, flavor, and sensory exploration, “Unlike anything you’ve ever experienced,” said Heaton.

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