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Letters to the Editor: Need for Language-Immersion Schools



Dear Editor,

I express strong support for ASD (Alpine School District) 2016 Bond and the construction of additional language-immersion elementary schools in Northern Utah County, particularly the west Lehi area.

I have reviewed at length the website and Alpine School District’s presentation at I appreciate all that ASD and its employees do to help our community and I am supportive of the new bond to help prepare for future growth in Northern Utah County.

As an FYI for those who are unaware, the proposed bond would NOT increase property taxes because the district now has a AAA credit rating. There has been an increase in assessed values of homes and businesses, and they have aggressively paid off all previous bonds and are layering in new bonds. If the bond is passed, ASD is considering building 1 new high school, 2 new middle schools, and 5 elementary schools.

I have spoken to Starlene Holm, administrator K-6 North of the district, on several occasions about the possibility of future language-immersion programs in ASD. I am very interested in seeing this bond passed and one or more of the 5 proposed new schools appear as a language immersion school, particularly Spanish-immersion.

I have read extensively on the subject and am convinced of its advantages and real benefits. I live in the Dry Creek Elementary school boundaries and am very interested in a school that would offer my children the advantage of language immersion training. Presently our area has only 3 language-immersion schools: Blackridge Elementary (Chinese-immersion) in Eagle Mountain, Riverview Elementary (Chinese-immersion) and Harvest Hills (Spanish-immersion) in Saratoga Springs. Orem has 3 Spanish elementary schools, and 2 Chinese schools; Lindon has one Portuguese; Alpine has one Chinese-immersion school.

It appears that the interest in language-immersion is so strong at Blackridge, Riverview, and Harvest Elementary schools that it is doubtful children outside of the boundaries will be considered for enrollment. Some have considered applying for and attending an Orem, but that is too great of a burden on families.


While there is much to consider in the proposed bond, I hope that there is also room for planning and consideration for additional language-immersion schools in our growing area.

Thank you for this opportunity.


Jann E. Campbell