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Retiring Eaglecrest Principal gets proper send-off



The blacktop playground at Eaglecrest Elementary in Lehi was filled with food trucks, balloons, teachers, students, and parents on Monday, May 21, to celebrate Principal Rex Becker’s retirement. Becker was often emotional as he listened to students, parents, and teachers praise him.

“You can find Mr. Becker in the lunchroom every day. He’s wiping down tables and giving high-fives, listening to students. He’s at the crosswalks every morning and afternoon making sure kids get to and from school safely. He knows all the students and he remembers them even after they’ve left the school,” said Jennifer Grover, a parent of Eaglecrest students and a volunteer.

A block from the quilt teachers and students created for Mr. Becker. | Nicole Kunze

Mr. Becker was famous for riding into school on his motorcycle for different events. One of his retirement goals is to travel the country with his wife, Julie. Eaglecrest parents collected money and bought Becker a 2020 Rand McNally spiral-bound atlas, along with over $2,000 in cash to get his road trip started. Some of the graduating seniors at Skyridge high school attended kindergarten at Eaglecrest Elementary when Mr. Becker started there in 2006. “It’s kind of poetic that these beautiful children who started out as kindergartners with Mr. Becker are graduating at the same time as our Mr. Becker,” said Grover. Rex Becker spent the last 12 years of his 40-year career at Eaglecrest.

Second-grade student, Jessica, praises Mr. Becker. | Nicole Kunze

“Mr. Becker was actually my principal when I was in elementary school. He knew every kid by name, and he was always doing fun activities with us. I even saw him breakdance at a talent show wearing MC Hammer pants!” remembered Amie Senior, a fourth-grade teacher at Eaglecrest. “Now that I’m a teacher, Mr. Becker has taught me that everyone matters, to show up every day, and be your best for your students,” continued Senior. Jessica, a second-grade student at Eaglecrest, spoke about a few experiences she and her siblings have had with Mr. Becker as their principal. “All of us agree that Mr. Becker is happy and has a great attitude. He is funny and always giving lots of smiles. You can tell he loves his job, and of course, the kids. We will miss you and your awesome motorcycle, Mr. Becker. I asked my sister in kindergarten why she likes Mr. Becker and she said, ‘Because he loves me.’ It’s true! We know you love us,” said Jessica.

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