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Parents’ impromptu fund-raising provides lunch and more for Skyridge teachers and staff



Late on Friday afternoon, October 9, parents and Skyridge High School administrators met on a conference call to talk about the new schedule for Alpine School District after Fall Break. Twenty-four hours after that call, Skyridge’s parents had raised $1700, enough to buy lunch for every teacher and staff member at the school. Four days later, they had $2500, enough to purchase a small gift for the teachers and staff going into the break and Lehi Bakery square doughnuts for breakfast when they returned on Tuesday.

“Since March, our teachers have been working incredibly hard to try to provide stability and opportunity for our students during such an unstable time,” said Dr. Joel Perkins, principal at Skyridge High School. “In my eyes, they have been, and remain, superheroes.”

Perkins described the challenges teachers and administrative staff have faced in providing for the needs of each student. “Our faculty and staff have dedicated hundreds of hours beyond their contracted workdays to try to meet those needs,” he said.

A chain of text messages among Skyridge parents started 

the fundraising on Friday afternoon to raise enough money for COVID-friendly individually boxed lunches for the teachers and staff. Within 24 hours, they met their goal, and the money was still rolling in. Parents decided to provide doughnuts as well. Thanks to David Doty’s deeply discounted square doughnuts from the Lehi Bakery, there was enough money left to get masks and chocolate for the teachers as a thank you gift for getting through the first term of the 2020-2021 school year.

“We don’t always know what to do to help as one person. Coming together as a group to support people who show up for our kids was a remarkable thing to watch,” said Stacy Bateman, one of the parent organizers of the fundraiser.

“We are overwhelmed and so grateful to our parents and community for this incredibly kind act,” said Perkins. “The fact that these funds were raised in such a short window of time speaks volumes to me.”

Secondary school teachers in Alpine School District took the Tuesday after Fall Break, October 20, to prepare for the new schedule. Starting on October 21, every Wednesday will be distance-learning only to provide teachers a chance to instruct their online-only students and prepare lessons. 


“We want the Skyridge staff to know we see them, we recognize the load they are carrying, and we are grateful,” Bateman continued. “Thank you for your passion, your grit and your commitment to your Falcon family. Your community is behind you.”

“When I shared this information with our faculty and staff, I could see and feel sincere gratitude. What a great message of appreciation to our amazing faculty,” said Perkins. “I want to say thank you to all who donated to this effort, and most importantly, extend my gratitude for recognizing the uncompromising dedication of our incredible faculty and staff.”

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