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Central Bank Educators of the Month: Sisters serve Sego Lily Elementary students for decades



Rose and Nancy Grace are familiar fixtures at the intersections of 900 N. and 500 East every morning, noon, and afternoon as they safely escort students to and from Sego Lily Elementary. They have been doing this since 1995 when Rose started as a crossing guard, and one year later, Nancy joined her sister.

When she was battling cancer, Rose took several years off but has since returned. Nancy said, “I love my job, except when it is cold. I know the kids miss me when I am not here.”

Parents from the area who have students who walk to school expressed gratitude for the steady and dedicated work of the Grace sisters., “I never have to worry about my kids getting safely to and from school. The sisters are like surrogate parents to many students. They give them hugs and high fives on a daily basis,” said one parent.

Nancy and Rose have seen many administrative changes since beginning their jobs. Still, one thing is constant, come winter, spring and fall, the Grace sisters will be there to make walking to and from school a safe and enjoyable experience for hundreds of Sego Lily students.

While the two sisters are not technically “educators,” they contribute every school day to Lehi students’ well-being. 

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