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MTECH gets computers into the hands of Utah students



Two big names in Lehi, Micron and MTECH, have teamed up with the nonprofit Computers for Kids (CFK) to get refurbished, used computers to as many students as possible. 

“Representatives from Micron came to the ribbon cutting for our Trades and Technology building in October and asked if we could facilitate getting and distributing computers through Computers for Kids,” explained Mark Middlebrook, director of Marketing and Public Relations for MTECH. Micron cleans up used computers for CFK. Middlebrook and his team had less than a month to arrange for 600 of the refurbished computers to be distributed to K-14 students.

Computers for Kids has been going strong in Boise, Idaho, for almost 20 years. The organization takes donated computers, refurbishes them and licenses them as a registered Microsoft Refurbisher, then donates fully equipped computer systems to schools, nonprofits, and students.

According to the CFK website, “Our intent is to equalize the educational opportunities that children have by providing them with home computers for their use, helping to close the ‘digital divide’ that occurs between those who have easy access to computer technology versus those who do not.” Some students qualify for a free computer with CFK, but for those who do not qualify, refurbished computers are available for purchase for under $100. To apply for a computer in MTECH’s next distribution in April 2021, go to

“Donating old computers is a great way for companies to give back to the community. We’re hoping to have other companies and organizations join us in donating computers in the next several weeks,” said Middlebrook. “We want every child to have a computer, especially in this time when there is so much online learning.”

“It was a little stressful putting this distribution event together in such a short time, but we were so excited to partner with Micron and help kids,” Middlebrook continued. Alpine School District played a key role in getting the word out throughout the district to get the refurbished computers to those who need them most.

“It only took a few days to distribute all 600 computers. We’re excited to do even better in April,” said Middlebrook.


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