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Two women make “girls’ night” right, through GNO Co. 



Two Utah women, Cristel Shaw and Hadlee Bland, founders of GNO Co., are best friends who love a good “girls’ night out” and take the tradition to the next level with their new company. GNO Co. is a one-stop girls’ night shop and can be found at The girls’ night enthusiasts design personalized boxes for you and your best friends. 

Within these boxes are a craft or an activity along with a “Hostess How-to card” giving step-by-step instructions for an optimal night for you and your friends. The boxes are all things creative, beautiful and fun. They are switched out monthly to cater to different groups, interests and holidays. Examples of various box designs are a paint-by-numbers activity box, DIY sugar-scrub box, DIY floral arrangement box, heart-stamping box, hanging macrame plant box, and for Easter, a wooden egg painting box. 

After years of hosting monthly girls’ nights with friends, Shaw is the originator of the idea. She sent a text to Bland about starting a girls’ night out company. “Hadlee is the perfect person to do this with. She has the classy and cute style down to make it work,” said Shaw. The duo are firm believers in connecting with other women and having girls’ nights is one way to achieve that connection. “We all need each other, and what we do brings people together,” said Bland. The GNO Co. started in February, and the duo has been busy ever since. “We are girls supporting girls,” they said. 

So how does the process work? Anyone can visit the GNO Co. website and purchase a box. The host receives a box of her choice, delivered to her door, ready to open and experience. All of the items needed for her girls’ night out with her friends are included. “We want everyone who is a part of one of the GNO Co. girls’ nights to feel encouraged, fulfilled, and uplifted by our box activity,” said Bland. 

Bland and Shaw have also catered to the needs of those who aren’t yet comfortable gathering in groups and have hosted virtual girls’ nights. They have also collaborated with businesses to create unique and different corporate events.  

“We want to create new memories and experiences,” said Shaw. The GNO Co. is doing just that, one girls’ night and box at a time. You can also find the GNO Co. on Instagram using the handle @gno_co.

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