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Early childhood center breaks new ground at Thanksgiving Point



Lehi City officials and Dancing Moose preschool and early education staff broke ground on the Thanksgiving Point facility on Thursday, May 20. 

In designing an early childhood center, founder Joyce Sibbett, Ph.D., identified key factors that would optimize learning opportunities for children. She focused on each of these factors to create an ideal learning environment. With an effective educational foundation in the early years—preschool through second grade—children can expect to have greater success throughout their educational experiences and beyond. 

The Thanksgiving Point campus of Dancing Moose puts children in walking distance to three museums allowing experiential learning to take on a whole new meaning. The school will occupy the space in Electric Park where in the past Lehi City had fireworks on Independence Day, as well as concerts and parties. The anticipated opening date is February 2022.

In addition to thinking, doing, and moving, children develop healthy eating habits by enjoying nourishing food. An in-house chef is on staff at Dancing Moose to prepare each meal from scratch. As children learn to savor entrées such as lightly breaded and seasoned skinless chicken breasts and sliced potato wedges–all baked in the oven–children are well on their way to appreciating healthy eating.

The Dancing Moose garden is a prime spot for growing fresh, organic vegetables that go directly from the garden to the Dancing Moose kitchen. Free from chemicals and sweet from the vine, children love to eat tomatoes, peas, and carrots. They savor bell peppers and onions in their chicken stir fry, knowing that the foods came directly from the Dancing Moose garden.  

Appealing to the child means engaging the whole child. Teachers at Dancing Moose take that charge seriously.

Rendering of the Dancing Moose site plan.