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School shirts get groovy at Snow Springs Elementary



Students at Snow Springs Elementary twisted and tied their white school shirts emblazoned with the dragon mascot, on Tuesday, August 31, for a school-wide tie-dye party in the shade. “We’re doing almost a thousand shirts today,” said Elizabeth Chase, assistant principal at Snow Springs.

“We definitely watched some YouTube videos and figured this out,” laughed Chase. Parents came to the classrooms Tuesdaymorning to help students tie the shirts and secure them with rubber bands. Teachers and members of the administration were stationed at tables ready to squirt different colors of paint onto the shirts out on the playground where each grade came one at a time for the next step in the tie-dye process. 

“We ran out of blue with the teachers, so we knew we needed extra of that today,” Chase continued. The faculty and staff at Snow Springs wore tie-dyed versions of the school shirt to Back to School Night. 

“The adults’ shirts look so good. We’re excited for Friday,” said Chase. The faculty and students will wear their tie-dyed shirts every Friday this school year. 

Many of the students were lined up at the table with the blue and red paint, but one fourth grader had the green and purple paint all to himself. “Green is my favorite color,” he said.

“We wanted everyone to have a unique version of the same shirt. This just creates that idea that everyone is different and great in their own way. We want to celebrate that here,” said Jory Schmidt, principal at Snow Springs Elementary.

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