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Thanksgiving Point announces membership, daily admission price increases



2021 is the year of price increases. As residents endure higher gas prices, grocery bills and rising inflation, they will now see an increase in memberships and admission to Thanksgiving Point  attractions. 

The iconic Lehi landmark, known for its many venues for families to play, learn and recreate, announced the need to raise the cost of daily admission at its facilities, as well as annual membership rates. 

“You may have heard of cost increases for all types of goods happening in our economy. We’ve seen these costs increases at Thanksgiving Point as well. The cost of maintenance, food, animal feed, labor, and transportation are just a few examples of costs that have risen significantly in 2021,” said CEO McKay Christensen. 

“As you know, Thanksgiving Point is a nonprofit organization. So, if we increase admission prices, it’s not to make a profit but to simply cover our costs. This is the first price increase we’ve passed on in many years,” continued Christensen. 

The recent financial troubles of Thanksgiving Point have been an ongoing issue after several years of losses have plagued the organization. The organization is also in the middle of crafting a new area plan for the Resort Community. The new plan may include housing and commercial developments with STACK real estate to create sustainable funding for the long-term financial health of Thanksgiving Point. 

Starting November 15, guests will see a 20% increase in daily admission to the Butterfly Biosphere, Museum of Ancient Life and the Natural Curiosity Museum. The current $20 (each activity) rate for adults and $15 for children will increase to $24 for adults and $17 for children. 

Family membership rates will also increase from $275 annually to $299 annually, an 8.7% increase. Members may forego the increase if they set up an auto-renewal on their account. 


“Rest assured; we are working hard every day to absorb the cost increases coming your way. We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you again at Thanksgiving Point,” concluded Christensen. 

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