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Lehi landmark gets fresh branding



The Lehi Mills has updated their iconic brand with a new logo and products for modern families. The Brailsford family celebrated the changes with free T-shirts, cake and donuts and a playlist full of music from the movie “Footloose.”

“We wanted a new look and feel – something that holds onto history but is more modern. We decided to start digging into it with consultants and our team. We’ve worked tons of hours and we’re grateful for everything this team has done to make this happen,” said Sheri Cutler, Vice President of KEB Enterprises, a private investment firm founded by her father, Ken Brailsford. 

Brailsford bought the Lehi Roller Mill from third generation owner Sherman Robinson in 2012. The Lehi, Utah landmark was in bankruptcy after the 2008 housing bubble almost destroyed the business. “This is three acres of prime commercial property. This mill probably wouldn’t be here if other interested buyers had their way. I didn’t want that to happen,” remembered Brailsford. Robinson continued to work at the mill until he retired on December 31, 2020. He passed away five months later in May 2021.

“Even through bankruptcy we kept all the employees. We never laid anyone off,” Brailsford said. The family made millions of dollars in improvements to the mill, one of the last operating small mills in the United States, starting with packaging equipment and a new filtration system to keep from dusting the Lehi High School football field with flour. Included in the improvements was repainting the entire outside of the mill at a cost of close to $250,000. 

“It’s such an awesome business. We love the feel of it and the history attached to it. It’s been phenomenal,” said Steve Brailsford, President of KEB Enterprises and Ken’s son.

“Lehi Mills is a landmark. I’m so proud and happy to have these guys in Lehi,” said Mayor Mark Johnson.

At the rebranding event on Wednesday, Nov. 3, Sheri Cutler unveiled the new logo and packaging. “I complained as a mother – I wanted a zip top bag. That is really important to me. I don’t want to have to dump the mix or the flour into something else to keep a tight lid on it,” she said. The resealable bags are also recyclable.


“We pushed the team to reformulate to natural flavors, so there’s no artificial flavors,” Cutler continued. “We’re introducing more new products in the next few months. All our products are easy to use for the busy mom and grandma, and so convenient. There are more exciting things to come.” One of the new products released on Nov. 3 is a sugar cookie mix.

“We know all our farmers. Everything that comes to the mill is out the door within 24 hours. We turn trucks away if their wheat quality doesn’t meet our standards. We have control over every part of our product. Other places can’t say that because they don’t own their mill,” Cutler concluded. Hi


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