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Lehi Police get a raise



Lehi Police officers will start 2022 with a little more cash after the City Council approved a $3 per hour raise at the end of 2021. 

Lehi City has continually faced the challenge of retaining officers. With the profession feeling the pressure of national public scrutiny, fewer and fewer people are choosing a career in law enforcement. The smaller candidate pool has created heavy competition between neighboring law enforcement agencies and wages continue to rise. 

“Retaining the best police officers is very difficult given today’s competitive market. I’m grateful to our elected officials and our city administration for the recent salary adjustment. It demonstrates their collective commitment to public safety. The recent adjustment will allow us to retain our experienced officers and continue to provide the best public safety services to the citizens of Lehi,” said Lehi Police Chief Darren Paul. 

Lehi officers previously started at $21.61 per hour and will now start at $24.61 before annual cost of living increases. Along with their salary, officers receive overtime, paid medical and dental benefits, retirement contributions, disability insurance, sick time and holidays. 

Previous job listings also advertise officers with three to five years of experience can expect annual salaries between $53,695 and $74,840. Officers with over six years of service receive compensation between $66,617 and $93,576 (after the recently approved raise). 

The City has consistently increased the public safety budget each year to pay for salary increases, new officers and new equipment. The City will spend over $8 million for police services in 2022. 

“Lehi City administration has been closely monitoring the affect that outside recruiting and inflation has on our employees. We will continue to do this and make the changes necessary to maintain the best possible service to our community,” said Mayor Mark Johnson regarding the increased compensation.


*Story updated 1/5/2022.