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Hutchings Museum Institute launches post-secondary school career training



LEHI, Utah, May 9, 2023—The Hutchings Museum Instituteand former Utah Governor Gary Herbert launched career training courses for adults during an event at Hutchings Museum Institute in Lehi. 

As an official post-secondary school in Utah, Hutchings Museum Institute now offers career training courses designed to teach Utahns marketable professions they can utilize for long-term careers. Hutchings Institute is an Authorized Training Partner of the Utah Department of Workforce Services.  

Those interested in careers in photography, videography, website creation, 3D Modeling, VR: Augmented Reality, and Drone Cinematography can enroll in courses to start their careers.

The courses are some of the most advanced available and are in high demand throughout the country due to the growing reliance on advanced technologies for engineering, space exploration, historical preservation, and other industries.

“There is a growing need for experts in virtual reality, AI, and content creation with video and photography,” said Daniela Larsen, Hutchings Institute Executive Director. “One of the biggest lessons we get from history is how much the workforce changes and how people are displaced every time there is a new technology.”

Larsen mentioned how the Pony Express, which went through Utah, closed just two days after the transcontinental telegraph line was completed, providing high-speed communications across the country.

“We see this pattern throughout history,” she said. “When a community and its families are devastated by a lack of work, people stop caring about the environment, their culture, their government and being involved civically. And with that, I don’t think I’ve seen a period of history where the workforce needs to change and innovate as rapidly as ours does now.”


Course instructors are experts in their fields, and each course is taught through online and in-person learning. The training is especially suited for people living in Utah’s rural areas, women and workers returning to the workforce, veterans, previously incarcerated individuals, at-risk youth, and companies who need to upscale current workers.

“There’s a practical application of education where you can say I’ve got a skill, I’m going to go out and sell myself, and someone will hire me, and with that job, I can provide for myself, my family and live the American Dream,” said former Utah Governor Gary Herbert, and namesake of the Gary R. Herbert Institute of Public Policy at Utah Valley University. “This is a public-private partnership working together.”

The Hutchings Museum Institute is an authorized partner with the Utah Department of Workforce Services. “This allows anyone who qualifies to receive funds to help pay for the training. 

“Career training at Hutchings Museum Institute is available now and will allow people to expand their marketable skills, help people to change their careers if they desire, or even participate in career opportunities that may not typically be available to people in rural Utah areas,” said Larsen.

Hutchings Museum Institute was recently awarded a federal Economic Development Grant to help fund the development of the curriculum.

“When John Hutchings first opened the museum, he did so toshare the research, artifacts, and plant and animal life he had studied and collected for years,” said Utah House Representative (R-Lehi) Cory Maloy. “He was all about exploring the past—just as Hutchings Museum Institute does today. Today’s announcement will help many people learn from the past to create a greater future. John would be proud.”

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