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Lehi ranks in top ten of U.S. cities to start a business



According to Wallethub, a finance thinktank, size matters when choosing a city in which to launch a startup. As many veteran entrepreneurs and failed startups understand well, bigger is not always better. A city with a smaller population can offer a greater chance of success, depending on an entrepreneur’s personal preferences and the type of business they’re starting. The best cities can even help new businesses survive economic shocks such as pandemics or inflation.

To determine the best small cities to start a business, WalletHub compared the business-friendliness of more than 1,300 small-sized cities throughout the United States. The data set included 18 key metrics ranging from the growth rate of the number of small businesses to investor access and labor costs.

“The benefits of starting a business in a small city include lower overhead costs, stronger relationships with customers and the potential to become a big fish in a little pond. But there are drawbacks, too. Entrepreneurs who want to build a large professional network aren’t likely to make as many connections in a town with fewer residents. Other restrictions might include limited industry options, a less diverse customer base, and difficulty attracting and keeping top talent,” said Cassandra Happe, Wallethub analyst. 

The top ten cities included four in Utah. A link to the study is here:

Overall RankCityTotal ScoreBusiness Environment RankAccess to Resources RankBusiness Costs Rank
1Cedar City, UT67.18243204
2St. George, UT65.911226148
3Fort Myers, FL62.49542382
4Washington, UT61.9310132437
5Post Falls, ID61.7313191371
6South Bradenton, FL61.428260270
7Morrisville, NC61.393029427
8Lehi, UT61.214131545
9Altamonte Springs, FL60.8737211128
10Coeur d’Alene, ID60.816518406

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