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Lehi City Water: No Concern for Algae Contamination



Many Lehi City residents have expressed concern about water quality given the news of algal bloom in Utah Lake and the Jordan River. The following is a statement from Cameron Boyle, Public Information Officer with Lehi City:

Lehi City does not use Utah Lake or the Jordan River as a source for secondary water. Lehi City gets its secondary water from a number of sources, including Deer Creek, Alpine Springs, Provo River, and city wells. Residents should not be concerned with exposure to the algal bloom through the use of the pressurized irrigation system.

Questions regarding the algal bloom should be directed to the Utah Department of Environmental Quality. The following is a statement from their website (

“Public interest and concern for the algal bloom and its effects on the residents of Salt Lake and Utah counties is high. The Division of Water Quality (DWQ) and the Utah and Salt Lake County Health Departments and other partner agencies report a large volume of calls, with most questions centering on the issue of irrigation water and use of produce from gardens and farms.

Division of Water Quality staff and other lake researchers familiar with previous algal blooms say this algal bloom is unprecedented in scale and size. Division staff are currently compiling previous data to compare the current algal bloom with historic conditions. According to reports from Utah County Health Department employees, the lake is approximately four feet lower this year than last year in August, one of the factors that could contribute to the severity of the bloom.”