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Bank surprises student with backpack full of cash



Emma Matthews, a 16-year-old student at Lone Peak High School, couldn’t help grumbling when her mom told her they had to go back to the Zion’s Bank in Lehi where Emma had opened her first bank account a month ago to sign another form. “I was really confused when she told me I had to get dressed up, too,” Emma remembered.

Her confusion turned into happy tears when branch manager Dora Lopez presented Emma with a new backpack and told her she’d won the Student Banking Sweepstakes. “This is really cute,” Emma said before she unzipped the backpack and discovered $1,000 in ones and fives. “Oh my gosh!” she exclaimed.

Emma Matthews opened a bank account at the Timpanogos Highway Zion’s Bank in Lehi the day she started her first job at Roxberry back in June, not realizing that she was entered into a drawing. Every student between the ages of 15 and 25 who opened a checking, savings or credit card account in a Utah Zion’s Bank was entered in the sweepstakes. Out of 1,900 new accounts, Emma was the big winner. 

“Whatever you decide to do with the money, we’re so happy for you,” said Lopez when Emma’s mother Karen suggested she put it into her savings account.

“This is overwhelming. I really can’t believe it,” said Emma. 

“She was going to take money out of savings for a trip she’s taking in a few days. I couldn’t say anything,” said Karen Matthews.

“Thank you so much – I just want to hug all of you,” Emma told the Zion’s Bank staff who had gathered to watch her reaction to winning a backpack full of cash.


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