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Harmony Hills closed by state regulators



The Utah Department of Health Bureau of Health Facility Licensing and Certification revoked the license of Harmony Hills Assisted Living in Lehi on Monday, January 31. 2022. The facility, located at 564 W. Main Street, housed dozens of residents who were asked to vacate. Friends and relatives have been rushing to find replacement housing for their loved ones and to move them and their belongings. 

“The Utah State Department of Health investigations found violations over and over and there was no effort to take care of them,” said Tiffany Brown, a former employee of Harmony Hills. Brown’s mother is a resident at the facility. Brown’s family is frantically looking to find another location for their mother to live. 

According to the notice posted on the entrance to the facility, a conditional license was issued on December 13, 2021. Due to continued non-compliance the business was closed, and no new residents are allowed. 

Employees at the facility said, “there were problems with management,” when asked why the facility was closing. 

Brown indicated violations included mismanagement of residents’ prescriptions and medications, restraints, and other issues. “It’s been worse since COVID,” said Brown. “It’s been an ongoing problem.” 

Brown was a former certified nursing assistant and hairdresser for residents. “I learned to love Lehi and the residents of Harmony Hills. I saw multiple signs of problems in December.” 

According to the Harmony Hills website, there are three locations in Utah, with one in Idaho and two more coming to Idaho soon.