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Utah Leads as a Top Travel, College, & Job Destination



For the first half of the 2020s, Utah remains one of the nation’s most popular places for attending college, relocating for a new job, and taking a vacation. Millions of tourists, job seekers, and students head to the state to take advantage of perfect ski weather and an economic climate that is proving to be the exception among US states. While at least a half dozen ski spots have been major attractions for more than 50 years, Utah’s tourism industry has recently become a year-round powerhouse. Judging by the number of visitors and when they travel to the Beehive State, the phenomenon is about much more than hitting the slopes. 

Excellent educational institutions also serve as a magnet for huge numbers of young adults who want world-class instruction at reasonable prices. Professionals from crowded coastal cities have finally discovered a place that offers IT infrastructure and global commerce connections right in the middle of the country. Younger workers, as well as mid-career adults and retirees, are calling cities like Ogden and Salt Lake City home. Even artists, filmmakers, and other creatives have recently turned the area into a mecca for special projects, taking advantage of a low cost of living and an economic climate second to none.

Vacationers Come Year-Round

Since the early 1900s, curious and adventure seeking people have been trekking to the area for horseback riding, skiing, water sports, hiking, bird watching, and multiple other forms of recreation. Recently, Moab, Big Water, the Wasatch Mountains, Park City, and a long list of other spots are bringing individuals, tour groups, retirees, sports enthusiasts, and others to the state without pause. There’s really no tourist season anymore as wintertime fun rounds out the inflow of visitors during the other nine months of the year.

Students Want the Ideal College Experience

Brigham Young University, Westminster, and several state sponsored colleges and universities are among the main attractions for high school seniors around the US who want to avoid congested, overpriced schools on the coast. The scenery and fabulous recreational environment are just a couple of other things that bring youngsters to Utah’s schools. Even in an era of tight money and scarce scholarship opportunities, and many applicants navigate the financial challenge of higher education by getting a cosigner for student loans.

The dilemma for so many individuals who are under 21 and have little or no credit history is figuring out how to qualify for loans. Most can’t gain approval for a private loan and end up short. Parents or other adults can cosign to help them attend a university or college in Utah or any other location. Interested parties, both parents and youngsters, can find out all the details by reviewing a fact-filled guide about cosigning. As the national economy continues to exhibit volatility, cosigning offers a widespread appeal for students who need funding.


The Perfect Place to Start or End a Career

Salt Lake City, Ogden, Lehi, and Provo are enjoying an early 2020s golden age as working adults from all points north, south, east, and west choose to begin or continue their careers. They’re from a wide variety of fields, too, with IT, engineering, finance, marketing, medicine, and other disciplines leading the way. The humorous comment among locals, but one based on hard truth, is that everyone eventually discovers Utah’s perfect weather and economic climate at one time in their lives.

There are so many tips for new residents and Utah has been one of the best-kept secrets among retirees for decades, dating back to the 1950s. But today, more college-age, as well as workers, mid-career professionals, and others, are deciding to build careers here and enjoy the rewards of a thriving economy, a safe place to raise a family, and gorgeous scenery. Provo, Salt Lake City, and Ogden have recently blossomed into centers for IT and the financial industry. Professionals in the medical arts flock to Utah for its top-rated hospitals and research centers. The region’s low crime rate and flourishing economic growth play a role in attracting people from all backgrounds, particularly those who want to raise families or enjoy a peaceful retirement.

Artists and Entrepreneurs Get the Full Package

Artistic types and entrepreneurs who need nothing more than an internet connection to do their jobs populate all parts of Utah’s varied terrain. In a way, the digital age has done a lot to boost the local economy by giving individuals the freedom to live like a digital nomad, to set up shop anywhere, and work online. But artists are a special case because they were among the first, in the first years of the 1900s, to find out how hospitable the place was for painters, sculptors, and craftspeople.

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