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City shares proposed 2024 budget; utility rate increase included



Lehi City Mayor Mark Johnson released his proposed budget for the 2024 fiscal year. The City Council heard from each department head during Tuesday’s City Council meeting. 

The presentation began with City Finance Director Dean Lundell sharing projected revenue numbers with increases across the board. The city anticipates receiving $13.8 million in property taxes, an increase of 7.4% over the previous year. Sales tax revenue is projected to come in at $21.2 million, a hefty 19.7% increase year over year. 

The departments projected to receive the largest budget increases are:

1. Lehi Fire Department, with a total annual budget of $10,851,937 ($1,758,957 increase over last year)

a. Salaries & benefits increase of $1,161,107 (15 new firefighters and paramedics for the new Station 84 to be built in West Lehi)

b. Fleet increase of $249,000

c. Fuel increase of $101,000


2. Non-Departmental at a total annual budget of $9,072,917 (+$774,920 increase over last year)

a. Legacy Center subsidy $2,082,226 (+$150,509 over last year)

b. IT Fund $448,089 (+$138,589 over last year)

c. Outdoor pool $207,068 

d. Curtis Center $211,316

3. Lehi Police Department, with a total annual budget of $13,031,661 (+$494,039 increase over last year)

a. Salaries & benefits increase of $249,406

b. Fuel increase of $206,000


c. Building maintenance increase of $100,000

4. Parks Department total annual budget of $4,315,155 (+$370,818 increase over LY)

a. Salaries & wages increase of $131,709

b. Park maintenance increase of $160,000

c. Building maintenance increase of $140,500

Along with the increase in ongoing expenses, the city is also planning the following capital expenditures with developer impact fees:

1. Shadow Ridge Park $2,140,000

2. Cold Springs Ranch Park $2,475,145


3. Holbrook Farms Park $2,208,548

4. 2300 W (Main to 2100N Widening) $2,500,000

5. 700 S Cycle Track $1,500,000

6. 600 E North of Dry Creek $750,000

The City will also use general funds and bonded revenues to construct the new Station 84 Fire Station west of the Jordan River ($9,400,000) and a new City Hall campus ($22,100,000).

Residents will also see an increase in their utility bill as almost every service cost will be raised this year:

1. Pressurized irrigation rates will see a 5% increase.

2. Sewer rates will increase by 3%.


3. The storm drain fee will increase by .25 cents per month.

4. The garbage rate will be hiked by .75 cents a month.

5. The recently added power customer charge will double from $2.50 to $5.00 monthly.

Residents are welcome to provide comments on the proposed budget to the Mayor and City Council during the public comment period during the meeting on May 9.