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Lehi’s Top Three Safety Threats



Every city has its safety challenges, and local law enforcement confronts these threats every day. For Lehi residents, knowing what to watch for may be the best way to prevent disaster. Lehi Chief of Police Darren Paul talked to Lehi Free Press about the city’s top safety issues and shared tips for keeping neighborhoods safe.

The Daily Commute

The most significant threat to Lehi safety is distracted driving. “City growth and warmer weather means increased traffic,” said Paul, citing increased auto-pedestrian accidents in the greater area. “Parents, talk to your children about bike safety and crossing the street. Drivers, focus on driving—don’t be distracted by cellphones.” Even hands-free cellphone use, though legal, should be avoided at all costs, said Paul.

Theft Rings Know No Boundaries

Crime in Lehi is not concentrated in specific parts of town. “What we see are theft rings that occur in isolated pockets, but not consistently in one part of town versus another,” said Paul. Auto burglaries are among the most commonly reported crimes, and these tend to increase in warm weather. “Lock your doors. And if you see anything suspicious, call us,” cautioned Paul. “If we see an area that seems to be hit, then we try to first recognize the pattern and then adjust our strategy accordingly.”

What You Don’t Know…

You can’t protect yourself from an unknown threat. Paul would like to see increased transparency and a more community-oriented approach to law enforcement. But that takes community involvement. Said Paul, “We really encourage people to call us and let us know what they’re seeing.” Darren Paul recommends visiting the crime mapping and reporting tool RAIDS Online ( to find out about police activity in local neighborhoods and receive alerts.