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Carvana “auto vending machine” to be built in Lehi



Four City Council members met on March 12 to discuss, approve, or deny 22 agenda items. Among the items were three issues related to the construction of “Carvana,” a new concept in automobile sales. Brandon McDougald, a representative for Carvana spoke to the Council about this new concept. “We believe going vertical instead of horizontal is the most cost-effective way [to sell cars],” said McDougald. “This is the 15th in the nation and the only one in Utah. We don’t have to pay for inventory sitting in a parking lot.”

The auto buying process is simple explained McDougald, “You go online, find your car, the paperwork is all done online. Each car goes through a 115- point inspection. The car chosen is delivered to the vending machine. The customer inserts a giant coin and the car is delivered. The buyer has seven days to drive the car. If it is not as expected, money is refunded with no questions asked.”

The Council unanimously approved the development code amendment, allowing for the maximum height of unoccupied structures to be increased, changing the zoning from Commercial(C) to Regional Commercial (RC), and granting final approval for the one-lot subdivision located at 2950 North Triumph Blvd.

Mayor Mark Johnson, Mayor pro tempore, Johnny Revill, were both out of town, Councilmember Chris Condie was appointed replacement Mayor pro tempore. With just four council members present, all items had to be unanimous to be approved. The following items were approved.

  • Consideration of Resolution approving an agreement for Parks Mowing Services between Huskie’z Landscaping, Inc. and Lehi City. (Increased acres in leisure parks necessitated the agreement.)
  • Consideration of Resolution authorizing the issuance and the sale of Sales Tax Revenue Bonds. (to fund the Public Safety Building)
  • Consideration Preliminary Subdivision approval for Holbrook Place, a 191-lot residential subdivision located at approximately 2700 North 3600 West in an existing Planned Community zone. The petitioner was Ivory Homes.
  • Consideration of Preliminary Subdivision approval of Dubois Park, a 28-lot residential development located at approximately 3200 North 1200 East in an R-1-15 zone. Petitioner: Mike Dubois
  • Consideration of Ordinance, the Cold Spring Ranch Area Plan Amendment, amending the MD residential requirements, requesting a reduction in the minimum square footage requirement on the main floor of a two-story home. (Total square foot remains the same.)

Petitioner: DR Horton

  • Consideration of Concept Plan approval for the Lehi Block formerly (Lehi Block Plant) located at 2200 North 1200 West in an existing Industrial Zone. (Very preliminary, this area will eventually have to be rezoned.) Petitioner: Boyer Company
  • Consideration of Concept Plan approval of the Z-Act subdivision, a 10-lot residential development located at 1385 West 700 South.

Petitioner: Temple Olayan

  • Consideration of Preliminary subdivision approval of Aberle Acres, a 6-lot residential development at 570 South 300 East in an R-1-Flex zone.
  • Consideration of a Development Code Amendment for Light Office/Warehouse Combination description of building types to be added as an approved use to different zones. (petitioner: AE Urbia)
  • Consideration of Preliminary Subdivision of Meadow Pointe, a four-lot commercial development located at 2300 North Ashton Blvd in a Regional Commercial zone. The owner is Garff Automotive. Petitioner: Kimley-Horn &Associates.
  • Consideration of Ordinance approval of the Mellor-Rhodes Park general plan amendment. Approximately 6.99-acres of property located at 1450 South 1500 West, changing the land use designation from VLDRA to PF. (This is a land swap with adjoining landowner making the area work better for ballparks.)
  • Consideration of Development Code Amendment amending the definition for Outdoor Sales and Displays. (This allows businesses to leave merchandise outside rather than move indoors each day.)
  • Consideration of an ordinance amending the Lehi City Design Standards and public improvements specifications manual for temporary turnarounds to require signage indicating that the dead-end road is temporary. (This suggestion was made by Kim Struthers, Planning Department head.)
  • Consideration of a Development Code Amendment clarifying when a project’s vested rights take place. (This is an amendment the better defines when vested rights begin. According to Ryan Wood, Lehi City attorney, vested rights begin when the public notice has been posted.)

One item on the agenda was denied. This was a resolution postponing the effective date of Ordinance prohibiting the sale or distribution of any tobacco product to a person under the age of 21. Councilmember Albrecht felt it was better to leave the ordinance in place, awaiting the outcome of the state legislature’s bill on the same issue. It was noted that the legislature is looking at cities for direction.

Another resolution directing Lehi City Administration to give formal notice to the Utah Lieutenant Governor’s office that Lehi City is opting out of the Ranked Choice Voting was tabled. This was tabled because the original motion required a discussion be held on this date, but because the Mayor and Revill were out of town, the discussion will be postponed until March 26.

During Pre-Council Teisha Wilson was sworn in by Lehi City Recorder Marilyn Banasky as the new Lehi City Recorder.

A Proclamation was read by Councilmember, Paige Albrecht proclaiming April 27, 2019, as Arbor Day in Lehi City.