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2022 Candidate filing closed: Who’s running?



The 2022 declaration of candidacy period is over. Lehi voters will have quite a large ballot this year with federal, state and local races. Let’s take a look at the field:

U.S. Senate:

Two-time incumbent and Utah County resident, Senator Mike Lee (R) will be challenged by Republicans Becky Edwards, Ally Isom, Evan Barlow, Loy Brunson, Jeremy Friedbaum and Laird Hamblin. Challengers from opposing parties include Tommy Williams (Independent American), Lucky Bovo (Libertarian), Kael Weston (Democrat) and Evan McMullin (Unaffiliated). 

U.S. Congressional District 3:

Incumbent John Curtis (R) is being challenged by Republicans Jason Preston, Lyman Wright, Tim Aalders and Chris Herrod. Others competing for Curtis’ seat are Glenn Wright (Democrat), Archie Williams (Democrat), Michael Stoddard (Libertarian), Daniel Cummings (Constitution) and Aaron Heineman (Independent American). 

U.S. Congressional District 4:

Incumbent Burgess Owens (R) will be challenged by Jake Hunsaker (Republican), Darlene McDonald (Democrat) and January Walker (United Utah). 


Utah State Treasurer:

Incumbent Marlo Oaks (R) is being challenged by Joseph Buchman (Libertarian), Warren Rogers (Independent American) and Thomas Horne (United Utah). 

Utah State House District 52 (West Lehi):

Incumbent Cory Maloy (R) verses Republican challenger Jean Leonard.

Utah State House District 53 (East Lehi):

Incumbent Kay Christofferson (R) is being challenged by Andrew McCullough (Libertarian), Ann Schreck (Democrat) and Carl Bechtold (Democrat). 

Utah State School Board District 11: 

Incumbent Cindy Davis (R) is being challenged in the Republican Primary by Kim Del Gosso.


Utah County Commissioner Seat A:

Incumbent Amelia Gardner (R) is being challenged by Steven Diamond (Republican), Shawn Herring (Republican), Renee Tribe (Republican), Jeanne Bowen (Democrat) and Tom Tomeny (Unaffiliated). 

Utah County Commissioner Seat B:

Longtime Incumbent Bill Lee (R) will face a Republican Primary against Brandon Gordon and Greg Graves. 

Utah County Sheriff:

Incumbent Mike Smith (R) is facing a Republican Primary verses Hyrum Cox and Jeff Wabel. 

Utah County Attorney:

Incumbent David Leavitt (R) will face off against Jeff Gray and Adam Pomeroy in the Republican Primary. 


Utah County Auditor:

The former Utah County Clerk/Auditor role has been split into two separate offices and voters will select between Taylor Williams, Rudy Livingston and Rod Mann in the Republican Primary for County Auditor.

Utah County Clerk: 

Along with Auditor, voters will select a new County Clerk between Aaron Davidson (Republican), Heidi Balderree (Republican), Russ Rampton (Republican) and Jake Oaks (Independent American). 

Alpine School District Seat 2 (West Lehi):

Lehi residents west of I15 will vote between Emilee Follett, Wendy Rencher, Charles Wood and Joylin Lincoln for a seat on the Alpine School District Board of Education.

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