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Hundreds attend district split meeting in Saratoga Springs; what did they think?



In what will presumably be the most significant political issue facing much of Utah County this year, hundreds of people filled the auditorium at Vista Heights Middle School in Saratoga Springs for a public open house hosted by MGT, a consulting firm hired by Alpine School District (ASD) to study the feasibility of a district split. The event, the second of three planned meetings, drew a diverse crowd, including parents, teachers, district staff, and community members.

The presentation focused on key considerations to guide voters through the decision-making process. The presenter from MGT discussed issues such as school funding, resource allocation, academic programming, and the overall impact of a potential split on student outcomes.

“Money follows the student,” the presenter stressed to the meeting attendees.  

MGT presented an overview of the six proposals, each offering unique configurations aimed at addressing the evolving population changes of Utah County, like projected growth in the west and declining enrollment in the east.

The proposals offer a two-way split, a three-way split, and a Lehi-only district. The option of no split is also under consideration. 

Following the presentation, attendees shared their insights, concerns, and preferences through a live interactive survey. The survey received over 500 responses to each question, including:

1. What community do you live in?


36% Saratoga Springs

32% Eagle Mountain

23% Lehi

9% Other

2. Should the district send a reconfiguration for a community vote?

77% Strongly Agree or Agree

7% Neutral 

16% Disagree or Strongly Disagree 


3. Do you agree that Alpine School District needs to be reconfigured into two or more districts?

35% Strongly Agree or Agree

14% Neutral

51% Disagree or Strongly Disagree 

4. Do you agree or disagree that reconfiguration decisions are impacted by potential tax rate changes? 

88% Strongly Agree or Agree

4% Neutral

8% Disagree or Strongly Disagree 


5. Rank the reconfiguration options based on preference.

1st: Stay as one district 

2nd: Two-Way Split

3rd: Three-Way Split 

6. Would you support the district remaining as one with an expansion of the School Board from 7 to 9 members?

76% Yes

16% No

8% Neutral 


MGT and ASD will host a final public forum on Thursday, March 14, at American Fork Junior High at 7 p.m.