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City Council still pondering Pioneer Village concept off 1100 W



The Lehi City Council reviewed an updated concept for Pioneer Village, a potential mixed-use project off 1100 West and Pioneer Crossing. The concept has been discussed several times over the last year, and city staff brought it back to the Council on Tuesday to obtain feedback and opinions on the proposed project.

“One of the reasons this area was selected is that the whole southwest part of Lehi in the general plan lacks these types of centers… This is a smaller-scale neighborhood center,” said Lehi City Planner Mike West. West also noted that the property is near Dry Creek Elementary, a Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints church and future Mellor Rhodes sports park.

The village overlay concept includes 500 residential housing units on the approximately 65-acre area and commercial, retail, open space, public gathering areas, and trails. “This plan has a mixture of housing types and lot sizes. Nothing is over two or three stories,” said West. 

West also acknowledged challenges facing the proposed concept, including traffic on Pioneer Crossing, traffic on 1100 West, no connection to 1700 West, UDOT and MAG’s proposal to widen Pioneer Crossing and various landowners with differing desires. 

The Council and Mayor Mark Johnson expressed reservations about the project’s viability and opposition from nearby neighbors. 

“Holbrook Farms is a great example of places where we thought commercial and retail would be a great fit, but it just hasn’t drawn it like we all thought,” said Councilwoman Paige Albrecht. 

“Where is all the retail we were told was coming to Holbrook Farms? It ended up just being more residential,” added Mayor Johnson. 

“I’d like to see it someplace else. I don’t think the residents want it here,” said Councilwoman Michelle Stallings, concluding the discussion. 


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