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City Council hears presentation on new facility to handle municipal waste



Two representatives from Herhof Company of Germany presented a video of a municipal waste facility that could drastically change how Lehi disposes of waste.

The company has been operating for twenty years in Germany. The building, about the size of a Costco, disposes of all the municipal waste a city can produce in a manner that produces no smell and will cost taxpayers nothing. The process uses all green energy. 70% of all waste in Germany is processed this way.

With the Herhof process, the residual waste quantity is biologically reduced by removal of water. In the end, the water content is well below 15% which significantly improves the mechanical separability of the material. This distinguished the Herhof process from all conventional treatment techniques.

There will be no separation of garbage. The facility sorts through it all and processes it for recycled products. The glass is separated by color. Coca Cola buys all the clear class for use in bottling their products. The amber glass is used by Anhauser Busch. It was noted by presenters that there are buyers for all the recyclables. It was also pointed out that 70% of garbage is water. The water will be captured and used for landscaping or PI systems.

The building will be built near Camp Williams.