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Impact fees discussed in Lehi City Council meeting



UDOT representative addresses tech corridor bridge completion

In Lehi City Pre-Council Meeting held October 23, 2018, Mayor Mark Johnson and Lehi City Council members, Chris Condie, Paige Albrecht, Paul Hancock, and Johnny Revill heard presentations by UDOT and a Zion’s Bank representative concerning impact fees. Senator Jake Anderegg spoke to the Council concerning rapid transit and UTA. The presentation was not viewed by the public.

During the regular City Council meeting citizen input section, Ben Stanley approached the Council about his desire to be appointed to the UTA Board of Trustees. “I have worked with multi-million- dollar companies. I represented United Airlines after 9-11. I want to make sure that Utah and Tooele Counties are represented on the board. The date for approval of the board is November 1,” said Stanley.

David Cluff and Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lee spoke to the Council about their concern with the speeding traffic behind Smith’s Food and Drug in Lehi. “We are worried about the safety of our kids. We have documented ten accidents that have occurred on that road behind Smith’s. We are worried about additional traffic when the reservoir is constructed. We would like to see more patrol presence in the area. This street is a race track,” said Scott Lee.

Mayor Johnson addressed the concern by explaining, “Sometimes traffic calming devices have unintended consequences. 90% of the people drive at a safe speed. It has been shown that traffic signs encourage faster speeds.”

Ryan Hill, a resident along 3200 N. had concerns about the speed of traffic also. He noted that a developer in the area expressed concern about speed of traffic.

UDOT representative, Craig Hancock, project design engineer for the 1-15 technology corridor, reported that the biggest change in the Thanksgiving Point part of the project is complete. The bridge at Triumph Blvd will be open today, November 1. There will be one lane in each direction with left turn pockets. The 600 East bridge has the girders in place and the deck is being constructed. It is planned to be open the middle of November.

Upcoming changes will be the west side frontage road being converted to 1-way for southbound traffic. East side frontage road will be converted to one way also. On November 9,10,11 a full closure will occur for all east and west traffic on I-15.


It was explained that UDOT has been doing a lot of community outreach. There is much construction going on in the area and an app has been created for residents. Citizens may get information by accessing the trip planning tool. Hancock recommended that citizens become aware of changes by going to UDOT’s website. According to Hancock, the three- year project will provide much needed relief to the traffic problems in Lehi and at the Point of the Mountain. Citizens with questions may call 844-401-TECH or email

Keith Larson, a representative from Bowen Collins and Associates, and Zions Bank, held a public hearing and discussion on impact fees. It was noted that impact fees in Lehi have not been raised in over seven years. Larson explained, “Two things govern impact fees, a cities master plan, impact fees associated with facilities plan, and a thorough impact fee analysis.”

Deanne Huish, a representative from Utah County Homebuilders Association commented, “We thank Jason Walker. We feel the impact fee rates are fair and equitable.”

Five projects all received unanimous approval by the Council:

  • Consideration of Concept Plan approval of Aberle Acres Subdivision, a six-lot residential development located at approximately 570 South 300 East. Daryl Hodgson was the petitioner.
  • Zone change of .427-acres of property located at approximately 1099 South 1100 West changing the zoning from R-1-22 to Commercial. Nate Reeve was the petitioner.
  • Consideration of zone change and concept plan for the Exchange II Subdivision, a 340-unit townhome and condo development located at approximately 3600 West 1500 North.

Edge Homes was the petitioner.

Council member Johnny Revill inquired about the cost of the townhomes. Jed Stewart, representative from Edge Homes said, “The market has cooled a little in the last few months.” It was asked if these units are investment properties. “Edge Homes doesn’t believe in building investment properties, only a small percentage are not owner-occupied.” Stewart also commented, “Density can be done well.”

  • Consideration of a zone change and concept plan of the Jay’s Place subdivision, a 25-lot residential development located at 3121 West Main. T-Squared was the petitioner.
  • Consideration of a zone change for 37.1 acres of land located in the Mill Pond area changing the zoning from Commercial to Heavy Commercial. (It was noted that the concern of Blender Bottle executives had been resolved.)

The City Council unanimously approved an agreement between Lehi City and Central Utah Water Conservancy District regarding collection of lost revenue from diverting water rights away from the Olmsted Hydroelectric Power Plant and the carriage of Non-project water through Bonneville Unit Project Facilities.

The meeting was adjourned into an RDA meeting.